• Yo, biotches did you know 87 years ago our fathers brought forth a new nation, knocked up in Liberty, and given to the thing about other things sayin' we all alike, man?

    Now we engaged in gang bangin' wars with the bang bang and the bam bam, testin' if we a have a nation, or any nation so conceived and so given to junk, can stand on it's own two damn feet! We are met on a back-alley of that war. We have come to dedicate a portion of that dumpster we fought at, as a goddamn graveyard for those who here gave their lives, money, wenches, territory, and pride up that that nation might live. It is altogether the gang way to do things around here.

    But, in a larger scene, we can not give -- we can not consumate -- we can not make a whole -- this ground. The brave members, living, dead, shot-up, or blown into a million peices on this wall, who struggled here, have consumated it, way too fricken far for our puny sakes can ever do . The world will note, and remember what was sayed here,or what happened, because I said so. It is for us, the gangs of America, rather, to be dedicated here to the unfinished buzyness which they who fought here have far bravely started. It is our task to finish up-- that the dead we honor with enemy blood -- they will not have died just becuz, they will be avenged -- that this nation shall have us gangers and junkies to thank -- and we will have a better UNION for the ghettoes, by the ghettos, because of us ghettos!