• Chapter 9 – The Ball

    It didn’t last long. Judith boomed in. “Luna! Your ball is in 2 hours! Get up!” she ordered. I got up sleepily. “OH MY GOSH! Your dress!” she cried. “What…” I asked, still half asleep. Judith grabbed my arm and took me to my bathroom. I slumped lazily on the chair and waited for Judith. She came back with a long pale pink dress, it was sleeve-less and it had a lace trimming. “Perfect.” She muttered changing me quickly. She pushed the chair in front of the mirror in the bathroom and started doing my hair. She pulled out a brush and quickly brushed down my hair. It was already in waves falling down my hair. She hung sliver earrings, 2-charm bracelets and a sliver necklace with a pink crystal. I slid a pair of pink strap high-heels on. “And to think, earlier today I was wearing a ragged brown school dress and lace-up boots!” I said. Judith laughed. I slumped on my bed. Judith tutted. “Now what?” I asked. “You’ve being asked to wait in a room near the ball room.” She said. “Gah!” I muttered. I picked up my sliver tiara and slid it into my hair. “Beautiful.” Judith smiled, admiring her work.

    I opened the doors to walk out but Judith beat me, “This way…” she mumbled grabbing my arm. “I can’t run in heels.” I said. “Right.” She muttered carrying me to the place I was going to have to wait in for another hour. Once she reached the room she pushed me in and said, “Wait.” I rolled my eyes and sat down. I soon fell asleep again.

    “Wake up Luna!” I heard a voice say, Laity. “I’m up…” I mumbled. ‘”Jeez Loons, you haven’t heard of a good night’s sleep?” Laity teased. “Very funny.” I snapped. “Well, your gonna be late to your own engagement ball! All of our coven & Skyther’s coven are here!” she blurt out. I gasped. Laity laughed. “C’mon princess.” She teased, dragging me out of the room. Please no grand entrance! Please no grand entrance! I thought. I was wrong. Skyther was waiting at the large doors for me. “Late much?” he laughed. I frowned. “Oh Come on.” He begged. I rolled my eyes and stood next to him, I heard my father call everyone’s attention and introduce Skyther & me. He pulled open the large doors and everyone clapped as Skyther & I entered. Music started to play again and Skyther walked off. I walked over to a chair on the side and sat down. I was swamped with vampires talking to me. Soon my mother pushed everyone away and grabbed my arm. “Come on Luna! Skyther is ready to dance with you!” she cried. Skyther took me from my mother’s grip. Suddenly, slow dancing music started. Skyther & I started dancing in sync. Thank god I took those dance lessons. I thought. I looked into Skyther’s eyes, they weren’t filled with love, and they edged with concern. I raised my eyebrow. Soon, the song ended. Skyther left my grip and went off into the crowd. Everyone started dancing again. This time though, I had to dance with EVERY MALE in at the ball. My feet were killing me by the time it was over. I looked around and found Skyther dancing with that girl who was watching through the window earlier today.

    “I’m pooped.” I muttered seating myself on a chair. My mother came over. “Tired?” I nodded. “You should get to bed.” She said. I got up and left the ballroom. I entered my room and fell onto my bed, still dressed up. That night I dreamt of Skyther.