• That sound! That horrible sound!
    It scrapes my ears, itching toward my brain, making me crazy!
    First I ignored it
    Idiot, Idiot, Idiot!
    But it got louder, louder, louder!
    I remember, it was only in my room
    The sound was only in my room
    It was near the window
    Too scared to look
    I saw faces, twisted faces
    But now it's everywhere
    Following me like a rainy cloud
    It just follows, follows, follows

    I was normal once, only 13
    Then, the accident, the blood, the knife, the silhouette,
    Then the sounds
    Screaming, shouting, gunshot
    Then silence
    But that's not the sound that stalks me at night
    It's much worse
    Scratching, scratching, scratching
    Scratching on the walls, on the window, on me

    The others can't hear it
    They can't see the rainy cloud
    Call me crazy
    I'm not crazy!
    I'm not crazy....
    But soon, the sound will stop
    Yes, it will stop
    The rainy cloud will no longer follow
    It won't get me anymore
    The gun is in my hand, against my head, my finger trembling on the trigger
    It can't get me anymore