• One cold, blizzard winter night Margret Winston was watching the 6 o'clock news. When something had caught her off guard. "Jenna Winston's car has been found in a ditch off of road 39,police have been investigating but Jenna is no where to be found. If you have any idea or know where she is please contact the police." The news reporter had said calmly.

    It was the only word going through her head at the time being. She was becoming dizzy, sick to the pit of her stomach. She didn't know what to do should she call Jenna's cell phone, her boyfriends the police?? She decided to call Jenna's older brother and see if he had any idea where she just might be. That's just what she did, when he picked up the phone all you could hear was " DO YOU KNOW WHERE JENNA IS?!" While hyperventilating she managed to get the words out. After Joey finished trying to calm his mother down a bit he said " No i don't, why?" There was a tint of worry in his voice. "She's missing" After those words came out of her mouth Joey ran grabbed his coat and keys and went looking for her.

    The first place he went to was Jenna's boyfriends, he had no idea where she was and he tagged along in looking for her. But even together they had no idea where she might have been. They finally found her car and both ran towards it, maybe she came back what if she had left something the police hadn't noticed. Even though they both looked around they found nothing. Until Joey had opened the glove box and a letter had came out. It read... I'm leaving and i'm not sure were i'm going to end up, please don't look for me. I'm sorry i'm doing this but i have to i don't have a choice. The last four words had both Joey and Mitchel confused. Why did she not have a choice? Has she gotten in some trouble before and was told to do this? And yet they had no idea at all what she meant.

    Joey had concentrated hard on the those last four words, they kept on repeating in his mind over and over again. What did they mean? He had not known. And so he decided that it was late and he took Mitchel back home and went to see Margret, his mother. She had been worried, not knowing what to do, she called the cops many times but there was no lead. Then when Joey had come inside still wondering about the letter he decided not to tell his mother and try to find out what it just might mean. She had been so glad to see him, she held him tight in her arms and said softly " I assume you haven't found anything out have you?" "No ma i haven't" he said and she began to cry lightly into his shoulder. He had regretted not telling his mother that he had found the letter in the glove box of the car.

    Joey had decided to stay the night to look over his mother. While he layed on the couch starring at those four words that kept repeating in his mind over and over again. He decided that he would start his own jigsaw puzzle maybe there were more clues that the kidnapper had left, or better yet Jenna had left. He knew this wasn't going to be easy. So he decided that he would go and see the friends she hung out with. Too see if they had seen Jenna before she went missing. Maybe they knew something. Something that just might be helpful to find her.