• Chapter 2
    There was a faint breathing while I was walking home from cram school. I know it wasn't Kole because he was at home, sick with a fever. I knew someone was watching me, I could feel it. Then I realized it was a dog's breathing and an bat looking at me.They both made there animal sounds.
    I was almost home until I realized I went into some old mansion. It was like, the creepiest in this neighborhood. I only went in it once, when I was 7, to get my pet parakeet, Moke Oke. I tired so hard to find the exit but it was way to dark for my night vision to see. I saw an open window and I jumped out of it.
    It was late, at least 11:00. "Oh crap I am so late. No wonder I can't get anywhere i can't even find my own house, I suck at directions and the world just hates me. I wish Kole were here, I wouldn't get lost like this." I sighed. I really wish he was here but he had to go sit in the rain and feel his sadness. Then get sick. What an idiot.
    I finally found my street after about 30 minutes of sighing. I found my house and climbed the tree in the backyard. If my mom were to figure out that I was home so late she would've made me actually go to my room and treat me like a 5 year old.
    I actually climbed the wrong branch and went into Kole's room. I fell in and almost woke him up. I looked at him, since I have such good night vision but can not see in super dark places, I could still see him perfectly. He looked like a 5 year old. "Ha ha, cute," I whispered.
    In his sleep he didn't move, make an annoying sound,and either I'm stupid or I heard him wrong. I think he might have said my name once or twice. Either way I didn't care, I was way to tired to begin with and didn't want to move from the spot on his floor. It was just so comfortable.
    "Hey, idiot you want to get off my floor." A voice said. I rubbed my eyes and realized I fell asleep in his room last night. I got up, grabbed my bag, and left. I went to my room,locked the door, put my bag down, and practically fainted. Before I fainted, I heard the door click.