• I'm standing on top of the roof, watching the silent stars, praying for my lonely tears to become crystals , shinier than they ever were before. And hearing the Moon, my white Angel, put her gentle hands on my pale face covered in tears, whispering in my ears countless times the only story she knew...It was about a girl who tough she was alone with no friends...she refused to open her heart to others... she didn't understand why they ignored her, so she did the only one thing that she could...she cried and cried until she could no more... One day she discovered that there were people that had been beside her all along...people that understood her...that she never noticed before. That was her own story. So she the goddess of my world, my pure white Angel shown me that I never was alone, she game me a feather from her wings that only I could see, to wipe my tearful eyes so they could become beautiful as the stars, she gave me a kiss on my cheek so they could become red like roses… she put her shining hands through my hair so that it could become clear like the lakes …all that so she could make me look like an angel myself. So my tears stopped because of her. But all the magic last for a second and all I could do is put a smile coming from the bottom of my heart on my face once more. A smile because I realized that I have friends whom I could be happy here on Earth and one day I will become an Angel and be happy with my friends in the sky.

    THE END. heart