• As she walked in the room, she almost didn't notice the book on the floor.
    The book covers were bound together by thick, leather, straps. There were loose pages hanging out of the bindings. Everything was falling apart.
    Once she got the straps undone, she started to read. The first page read:
    The pages in this book are extremely dangerous!! Do NOT read any further, for it could be your last.""
    But still,she read on. The book mentioned something about vines coming out and choking some unfortunate soul. It also mentioned that she shouldn't read on. She flipped the page.
    On the other page there was a picture of her, but she was on the floor, motionless, with vines wrapped around her neck. She was startled by the picture, but still read on.
    Then she flipped the page again. This time there was a hand print, about the same size as hers, and the caption said, "Place Hand Here" And so she did.
    Then vines wrapped around her hand in a matter of seconds.
    "W-what's happening to me?"
    Then the vines shot out of the book and ferociously grabbed her neck and slowly choked her to her own death.
    Her friends walked in and noticed that she was lying on the floor and motionless, as the book foretold, but the only difference was that she was on the floor, next to the book, with choke marks on her neck. They tried to figure out how she died, but they couldn't. The closest thing they came up with was suicide.