• Still running, hearing the breath among my skin while it flies back. Running, running, running faster than I ever could. Pushing the crowd away as I go. My mind was blank. Completely forgetting about Jamar or really anything. All negative thoughts running and swarming though my head. I finally got through the huge blockade. Devastated as I saw the fact that my best friend was dead. I listened closely as the teacher talked to the news reporter, "Yes, she, Stephanie Luave was shot. Well I'm pretty sure she was. The lights went out and I heard gunshots..". I stopped listening then. I couldn't take it. I tried to push through th police screaming to see her. But they wouldn't let me through. Still crying..I pushed them out of the way but they grabbed hold of me, looked me in the eye and said, "Its gonna be all right..okay? Calm down, calm down, clam down." They continued to say that while they took strong grasp of my arms. They eventually let me go but kept me away. Jamar ran over to me and hugged me with all might and whispered in my ear, "Mary, Its all right. I love you."
    "I love you, too."

    It was still quietness then except the sirens and crying. To me, all I could hear in my head was suffer and devastation. I was dead inside. She was like my sister. We did everything together. Spend the night, paint each other's toe-nails, run in the meadow, play, and of all things that sisters would do. We shared every little secret with each other. This event screwed my life up real bad. The teach told everyone to please find a ride home. Jamar walked me home in his arms. It felt good. Once we got there. He kissed my forehead and let me go. "I am so sorry --", I cut him off, "Don't be. Its not your fault. Really...don't shame yourself with this. Even if I were there. It..wouldn't matter. The fact is...we are alive." It was silent then. Then Jamar broke the silent. "Yeah...Well, I'll leave you alone now. uuh. Bye?"
    "Bye.." I watched him walk away in silence back to the school. After that, I walked inside