• My brain was scrambling to try and understand what Markus meant before he vanished into thin air. Look into my own soul? He made it sound like I was some evil school bully and that I was far worse than that bloodsucker could ever be. Pfft, yeah right. Me? A simple girl with an eccentric personality who never even hurt a kitty or butterflies? [I couldn’t lie and say I never hurt a fly since I am proud to say my reflexes are fast enough to smash those bad boys]. My legs moved on their own as my mind took off at the different possibilities of his words. Surely, Markus was only just trying to confuse me. Why else would he say such a big lie? By the time I brushed off his silly words – the vampire was just crazy possibly – I had already made it down the stairs and found my way back to James. But in the small time that I was gone it gave James enough time to do two things.

    The once destroyed room was back to its previous glory and it would seem we had a female guest.

    I noticed the room before I noticed the woman, staring in awe at how everything was back in order and every little detail was back to its original state. Even the hole in the ground was fixed perfectly without a hint that something was wrong in the first place. I know I must have looked like a dork, staring with my mouth open at how everything had changed. But they didn’t give me time to gawk at their quick wonderful handy work. The woman cleared her throat, drawing my attention to her. James stepped forward, gesturing towards the woman before speaking. “Jessie, this is a very dear friend of myself and Markus” – she snorted at this – “and she too is a vampire.”And I gotta tell you, she wasn’t what I expected to be friends with vampires.

    Let alone a vampire herself.

    All the stories of vampires have you believe that their skin is milky white – like James and Markus, that they are super model ‘Oh-my-god-I-can’t-believe-you’re-that-skinny!’ type and that the female vampires were either super sluts or snooty. But she wasn’t like that at all.
    The first thing that caught my attention about her was her skin. It was a rich caramel color that seemed to shimmer in the light. It was easy to tell that it was natural; the glow that came from her seemed too real to be fake. Her brown eyes were welcoming as well as her smile. Her black hair flowed to her chin in bouncy curls and seemed to fit her perfectly. Her make-up was simple – lips were glossed a slight pink, dark eye shadow and little blush to her bubbly cheeks – and it fit her nicely. She was a full figured vampire and one who knew how to dress to flatter her curvy shape. She wore a simple grey turtle neck, black business pants and simple heels that rose her short frame from about five foot five, two more inches. Sliver hooped earrings and a long sliver chain that held a heart. She had silver and black bangles and a simple sliver ring on her pinkie finger.

    But what was most noticeable was the huge rock on her ring finger.

    She cleared her throat once more, getting my attention away from her looks to her before speaking. “Hello Jessie, My name is Melissa and it’s a pleasure to meet you” she said with a smile as she grabbed hold of my hands and shook them with such infectious energy it was hard not to smile. She released me from her grips before speaking again. “I know you got some things you want to know, its ridiculous how these guys are running things” – she rolled her eyes before glaring at the hallway and staring back at me – “So, I’ll be stealing you away from these two for a bit.” She said, and I got to admit that it seemed like a good idea. I smiled again, nodding my head at her plan and before I could even think about the possible danger I could be getting myself into, was grabbed and flown out the door.

    Woah, these vampires were fast.

    Her car was freakin’ awesome and I would be happy if I could stay in it all day. No, I’m not a car buff and asking me the make and model of this car would only get you a blank stare. But I know an expensive gorgeous car when I see one. It was three things. Sleek, black and had the most gadgets in it I had ever seen in a car. She sped down the freeway, and I caught my first glimpse of the moonlight since my kidnapping. I was way off when I thought it was morning in my cell, how long was I out for? Trees past us by in a blur and I couldn’t even tell you if I recognized where we were or not. It was quiet in the car, except for the smoothing jazz that drifted from the radio into the air. But suddenly, my questions couldn’t get held back any longer.

    “So…where are we going?” I asked, staring at her curiously.
    “My house. We can’t keep you looking a hot mess all day, now can we?” She said with a small laugh and I let out a nervous chuckle. Oh. My.Rubber.Duckie. I was going to her house to get prepared for the meal.

    “Don’t worry. You’ll be alive and in once piece for many many moons.” She said, laughing again at an untold joke. I relaxed instantly and completely. Something about her made me trust her and could you blame me? How could I not trust someone so nice and down to earth? Even if she was a vampire.

    “So…if I’m not going to be killed and cooked like a thanksgiving turkey” – she chuckled at that – “then why am I here?”
    “We need you. Simple as that.” She said with a shrug, as if she hadn’t just perked up my curiosity ten folds.
    “That, my dear Jessie, only James and Markus know fully. I just know, you’re one very important human”
    Right. As soon as possible, when Melissa was around to save me, I would ask James. No way in hell am I asking Markus. “Ok…then how about this…is all the myths about vampires true?”

    She looked amused though this time she didn’t laugh. She was quiet for a moment, focusing on driving and for a minute I thought I asked the wrong question. “Depends on which myth actually. Like the myth about daylight is only partially true. The young vampires can, you know the ones under six hundred years old but the older ones tend to sunburned badly. The older they are the worse it is until when in the sun they turn to dusk. The ones that aren’t true are the crosses, the wooden stakes and garlic. Oh and of course the coffin myth. Another partially true myth is the everlasting feud between vampires and werewolves.” She paused, smiling bigger than ever before speaking again. “But as you will find out later, not all vampires dislike werewolves.”

    I was quiet, absorbing all that she told me. But it made me want to know more. “Why don’t werewolves and vampires like each other?” I asked and her had face darken for a moment before regaining calm.

    “Vampires and werewolves have their own governments to rule over our kinds. Werewolves have a system much like the American government. The top alpha is like the president. He has his top pack, his beta who is vice president and so on and so forth. But since the top alpha cannot govern all the werewolves at once, each region has its own sub alpha much like a governor. The regions are split up into cities and towns and those each have their sub alpha’s as well. It is a chain of command sort to speak and has been effectively working for years. The vampires, on the other hand, have a government that resembles a monarchy. We have our royals and they have their advisers. They control us as a whole and the twelve coven leaders. The coven leaders control their individual covens. It is up to the coven leader to decide if he or she who is under them. If, and this is a very big if, none of the leaders will take a particular vampire; they are brought to the royals and their options are discussed.” She explained both confusing me and distracting me from my original question.

    She sighed, running her fingers through her hair before speaking again. “Though both our governments are different, we have one thing that is exactly the same; an oracle. Since werewolves are run predominantly by males, their oracle is female. Vampires are ran mostly by the females and so our oracle is male. Both oracles only see things pertaining to their own kind but that changed three hundred years ago. The oracles saw something, at the same day and at the same exact moment, and it was about both our kind. Only the royals know the prophecies words and what it foretold, but I know that a war erupted afterward. Before that time, we were peaceful and we were happy. ” She said the last part softly and it made me wonder what she was thinking. But soon the car stopped and in front of us was a log cabin

    The lights were on and smoke coming out of the chimney told me someone was home. I glanced down at the ring on her finger and wonder just who was waiting for her.
    We got out of the car, walking slowly to the cabin when a loud noise came from behind us. It was like a gruff growl and it was only getting louder. I heard the crunching of twigs all around me and it sounded like something was coming towards us fast. I clung to Melissa, knowing that a vampire was probably the best form of protection out there. My eyes darted frantically around and then I saw it.

    The biggest freakin’ wolf I had ever seen and he was barring his teeth at us.