• .:~Chapter One~:.
    Daisuke sat on the bench in front of the fountain, sketching the sun which was starting to set. He looked at his drawing, content he put his materials up. He got up when a young girl whom he'd never seen before bumped into him causing all his supplies to spill back out.
    "Oh! I'm sorry!" She exclaimed, "Here let me help."
    "N-no... It's fi-"
    "I insist! I'm the reason they all fell out, I'm going to help you pick them up."
    When they were finished Daisuke asked, "I don't know your face. Are you not from around here?"
    She laughed a little and then said, "Yep! I live all the way on the other side of Japan! But I didn't even live there til 'bout a year ago. I'm Kerri White. I came from America. It's my vacation and my dad wanted to come here." She smiled and giggle with her eyes closed.
    "I'm Daisuke Niwa!"
    A year before she'd never be this open with someone she just met. Even now it was rare. The little pixie-esque character on her should smiled.
    "Kerri! What's got you so open with this guy?"
    Daisuke blinked, "Did you hear that?"
    "Hear what?" Kerri seemed surprised. He shouldn't be able to hear Emmi. It was obvious she didn't see her so he couldn't have a Chara of his own.
    "Oh I guess it was nothing. Wanna meet here again tomorrow I'd like to get to know you better."
    "Sure! 8am sound good?"
    "Alright. See ya!" As he walked off he said to him self, "I was sure I heard something back there." Just then a familiar voice was in his head.
    I heard it too Daisuke.
    "So I'm not going crazy! What do you think we should do about it?"
    I don't think it's dangerous. It almost seemed to be encouraging Kerri. Daisuke thought about it,
    "Yeah you're right Dark."
    Course I'm right. Then he was gone.
    Back at the hotel Kerri was busy writing a story. When Emmi interrupted.
    "Kerri! That guy Daisuke. He had this weird aura to him. When it appeared on the "somehow or another" radar it wasn't like a Chara. It was a whole different presence that had allowed itself to be detected."
    "Gee... That's odd Emmi. Do you have any idea what it was?"
    "No but the presence almost remotely reminded me of what it's like when I read on of your romances."
    "Wow, that's really odd." She put it out of her mind and then got back to work, it wasn't soon before she said, "Hey Emmi I need inspiration. Come with me on a walk." Emmi nodded happily and followed Kerri. "Mom! Dad! I'm going out again." Out side of the room She stretched out then got one her way. She had all of her writing materials in case she got something sudden that she needed to write down. She had gone back to the fountain when she saw him. He was an angel, so it seemed, with wings as black as the night itself. He seemed about eighteen. He looked towards Kerri and his eye opened. He mouthed her name, but then his focus changed to Emmi. He looked at the chara in alarm, no more recognition. Then he was hit by the man who was fighting him. Kerri's bag dropped to the ground.
    "Emmi I think he's in trouble!"
    "Shall we?"
    Kerri nodded, "My own heart, UNLOCK!"
    A bright light engulfed her and when it subsided she was wearing what looked like a white-silver long bell-sleeved v-neck belly shirt, and green skin-tight leggings. Her hair was up in a bun, and instead of a chopstick there was a pen through it and pointed ears could been seen. Her and Emmi's voice said in unison, "Character Transformation: Prime Protagonist!" She ran over to the angelic boy, "Here! Let me help!" She extended a hand and helped him up. Then a fountain pen appeared in her hand, "Great suspense!" She threw the pen and it encircled the man leaving a line of ink as i did, after three times it came back to Prime Protagonist, and the ink tightened around the man. "All yours." She then dispelled returning to Kerri and Emmi appeared back over of her shoulder. The boy walked over to the man and took off a corsage. The man then stopped struggling and then fell down unconscious.
    "There. All done. Nice work there, Kerri." He then started to walk off.
    "Kerri," Emmi whispered, "He has that same aura I told you about from earlier!"
    "Hey you!" Kerri called out, "Who are you and what do you have to do with Daisuke Niwa?"
    The boy stopped in his track surprised. He was almost instantaneously back by Kerri holding her up by her arm.
    "How'd you figure that out?" Emmi rushed up into his face to protect Kerri. He sighed, "I guess I should tell you. But your going to tell me about yourself too."