• "Oh my god, Jason, how are you?!? I haven't seen you since highschool!" Said my ex from highschool, Jocelyn Merrygen.

    Jocelyn was a very bright young lady back in school. She was also very popular. She had bright orange hair and beutiful blue eyes.

    "Well I'm doing good. Got a nice house, three dogs, A few cars, and a lovely daughter. Too bad her mom died in a car crash a few years back. What about you?" I asked.

    "I'm divorced, on the brink of poverty, and homeless." She said, hanging her head.

    "What, that's impossible! You were voted most likely to succeed!" I exclaimed in shock.

    "Yah, I know, well I'm trying to find a cheap apartment to live in until I can get some cash." She added.

    "Nonsense!" I told her. "You can come live with me, my daughter, her name is Lacy, by the way, and the dogs, John, Jacob, and Smit, they'd love you."
    "I don't want to be a bother." She said.

    "No bother, I'd be glad to." I assured her.

    "If you insist." She conceded.

    "Oh, I insist all right." I wrapped my left arm around her shoulder and we started walking to my car.

    On the car ride to my house, we talked about what had happened to put her in her current financial position. She had invested in faulty stocks and the the manager of the company left the country, taking most of her money with him.

    "Damn Thiefs." I said.

    "Tell me about it." She agreed.

    By then, I had stopped in front of my house. She gasped at what she saw when she looked at it.

    "Not much, but it gives me shelter." I told her. "Time for you to meet my girl an my dogs huh?"

    To be continued.