• “Am I a friend or a burden?” is the Question in Alice’s head. Alice is a girl full of mercy, when she turned 17 yrs. Old she experienced a lot of difficulties and sufferings, she was criticized. However, she believed in God he helped her friends. When her 18th birthday came she and her classmate, Kira, was contacted by a disease

    On the other hand, Joshua , her classmate was given a power to heal any disease but then he can only do it once. Alice promised herself before she will die she wants to be at her most precious place, which is her school and the boy whom she loved, who was Joshua.
    That night finally came; Joshua came to there school an hour before Alice will be dead. Alice explains Joshua’s promised to her when they were both young. Joshua was called by Kira’s parents to heal their daughter. Alice allows him to heal Kira. 10 mins before midnight, Christ’s stigmata and the crown of thorns was at Alice’s head. She threw blood from her mouth. 3 mins before mid night, Joshua finished healing kira and ran towards Alice. He made the last minute Alice was able to say goodbye to her lover.