• The main character: Kazu Hair: Black on the right and white on the left. Height: 5:9 Age: 14
    Kazu is a member of the Guardians Under Authorized Rightcious Divine (or Guard for short). He's one of guards very best (or, at least that's what he says).
    Location: School yard
    Rich kid: "Ahh! Bodyguard! Help!" He yelled as he was running away from a bully.
    Kazu: *Sips some coffee.* "Wait, i'm on my break."
    Bully: "Get back here so I can crush you!" He had his fist raised in the air.
    Rich kid: "Ahh!" He kept on running and ended up at a wall. "Oh no."
    Bully: "Hehehe."
    Rich kid: "EEE!" He turned back to see the bully cracking his knuckles. "N-now n-now. Can't we work this out?" *Waves hands in front of face with an anime sweat mark*
    Bully: "Your goingto get it now!" He thrusted his fist at him.
    Rich kid "Ahh!" He put his hands over his head and waited for the hit. *Tremble* "Huh?" He looked up and saw Kazu gripping the bullies fist.
    Bully: "Eh, leggo of me!"
    Kazu: "Not unless you get away from my *principle."
    Bully: "Err..." He threw his left hand but Kazu caught it. "Just stay out of this."
    Kazu: "Out of what?"
    Bully: He pulled back his fist and calmed down a little. "He keeps on making fun of me."
    Kazu: "?" He looked at the rich kid.
    Rich kid: "Ah... don't listen to him. He's lying!." *Waving hands*
    Kazu: "*Sigh* (I hate jobs like this.)"
    Bully: "Now get out of my way!" He went around Kazu and was about to hit the rich kid but Kazu pulled him away and missed. "Eh?"
    Kazu: "I don't care about the things he did."
    Rich kid: "Oh, good job bodyguard. You're gonna get double paid for this."
    Kazu: *Grin* "(Jackpot!)"
    Rich kid: "Now knock this neanderthal out and you'll get paid."
    Bully: "Err... I'll crush you!" He started charging at him but Kazu pulled him behind him. "Leggo of me!"
    Kazu: He looked at the bully and he just stopped. He let go of him and just started walking away.
    Rich kid: "H-hey! Where are you going!?"
    Kazu: "Home."
    Rich kid: "W-what do you mean your going home!? Why!?"
    Kazu: He stopped walking. "Well, you made fun of him."
    Rich kid: "S-so. you said it didn't matter what I did."
    Kazu: "That's right. I don't care about what you did." He turned back and looked at him. "I quit."
    Rich kid: "Waaa!"
    Bully: Hehehe." *Cracking knuckles*
    *: The bully started beating up the rich kid and it made smoke everywhere.
    Kazu: *Walks away ignoring the fighting* "I hate jobs like this." he took out some manga and started reading it.
    1 hour later... Location: Guard Headquarter
    *:Kazu walks in
    Guy1: "Hey, skunk hair's back!"
    Guy2: "Why do you even come back Kazu? No one wants you around."
    Kazu: "..." *Just keeps walking*
    Guy2: "Hey, don't ignore me." He put his hand on kazu's shoulder.
    Kazu:*Grabs Guy2's arm* He stares at him for a second and throws his hand aside.
    Loudspeaker: "Kazu, report to the main office."
    Guy2: "In trouble again, ehh Kazu."
    Kazu: "Shut up." He turned arounf and started walking.
    Location: The Main Office
    Kazu: "Hey." He saw the rich kid from earlier and jus said "Hey."
    Rich kid: "You!" *Pointing finger*
    Kazu: "Yeah."
    Rich kid: "You just walked away. I got the crap beat out of me because of you!"
    Kazu: "So..."
    Rich kid: "So, what do you mean so!?"
    Kazu: "So means I don't care. Get a dictinary."
    Rich kid: "Err..."
    Kazu: "Besides, you broke my contract."
    Rich kid: "Contract!?"
    Ruichi: "Yes, our guard give our clients contracts which have strict rules to follow." *Pulls a contract out* "So, which one did he brake?"
    Kazu: "The no fighting rule."
    Rich kid: "What, I didn't fight!? I got beat up!"
    Kazu: You didn't fight physically, but you did verbaly."
    Rich kid: "So! What if I did say something!? What happend!?"
    Kazu: "Well, he got irritated. Even if it was just verbal it hurt him enough to want to take action. So, the contract was in void."
    Rich kid: "What, that's a dumb rule!"
    Ryuichi: "Yes it is..." He got up "But you sighned the contract."
    Rich kid: "Man, this is stupid. i'm going to hire Snipa!" *He Walked out angrily*
    Ryuichi: "*Sigh* You know what to do."
    Kazu: "Right sir." He walks out of romm.
    Ryuichi: *Sits down* "(I hate clients like that)."
    1 hour later (At School)
    Bully: "Man, I feel great."
    Kazu: *Drops in* "Hey." *Has hand up like Kakashi from Naruto*
    Bully: "Oh, it's you. Thanks for earlier."
    Kazu: "Forget about it." *Pulls out contract* "Sighn this."
    Bully: "Huh? Why?"
    Kazu: "Because if you you don't, you'll die."
    Bully: "Huh? Is that a threat?"
    Kazu: "No, just a warning."
    Bully: "Warning?"
    *: The roof breaks in
    Akuzo: "You're dead kid." A guy wearing a coatand a hat hiding his face was standing their.
    Kazu: "You better sighn the contract."
    Bully: EEE! Sure, whatever!" He sighned the contract.
    Kazu: "Okay, stand back." He put it in his suit.
    Rich kid: "Get him!"
    Akuzo: "Hmf. I guess i'll have to kill you first."
    Kazu: "Hey. Just try."
    Akuzo: *Pulls out a shotgun* "Okay." He pulls trigger. "But only cause you asked." He pulls it again.
    Kazu: *Catches bullets. "Is that all?"
    Akuzo: "Nope." He opens his coat (it's full of guns.) "I'll fill you with lead!" He starts shooting at him.
    Kazu: *Starts running* "(Damn!) You better run kid."
    Bully: "Uhh... okay!" *Runs out*
    Kazu: "Okay." *Stops running*
    Akuzo: "You're dead!" *Shoots at
    Rich kid: "Yes."
    *:There was smoke everywhere. Akuzo decided to put away his guns. The smoke starts to clear.
    Akuzo: "Hmf."
    Rich kid: "Huh!?"
    Kazu: "Hey." *Hand up again* "I'm still here."
    Rich kid: "Err... kill him!"
    Akuzo: *Reaches for guns*
    Kazu: *He appeared in font of Akuzo and punched him in the gut*
    Akuzo: "Oof." He fell over.
    Kazu: "I win." *Looks at rich kid*
    Rich kid: "Aww. Please, don't hurt me!"
    Kazu: *Walks toward him*
    Rich kid: "EEE!" *Hands over head*
    Kazu: *Just keeps walking*
    Rich kid: "Huh?"
    Kazu: "Hey, what rank was he?"
    Rich kid: "Uhh... rank B"
    Kazu: "*Sigh* Same as me." *Starts wlaking away*
    Rich kid: *Reaches and gets a gun* "Die!"
    Kazu: "Huh?"
    Rich kid: *Realizes gun is empty* "EEE!" *Runs away*
    Kazu: "*Sigh* Idiot." *Walk away.
    (Back at Guard headquarters)
    Ryuichi: "Do you have the report for the day?"
    Kazu: *Hands over reports* "Can I go now?"
    Ryuichi: "Not yet. We need to have another talk."
    Kazu: "(Damn, he does this everytime.)
    Ryuichi: "I know you like working here, but your contract's to strict to follow."
    Kazu: "Well, that's how I do my contracts." "So can I go now?"
    Ryuichi: "*Sigh* Fine."
    Kazu: *Walks out of room*
    Ryuichi: *Looks at report* "Hmm?"
    Kazu: *Starts reading manga (Buso Renkin.)
    Ryuichi: He notices the report on protecting the bull. "(At least he didn't quit this time.)" "*Sigh* But..."
    Kazu: "!" "Hey, I didn't get paid!"