• "Mr Wilson, is it true that your son has done illegal eavesdropping on the battle plans?" the bailiff said.

    "I..I... uh....." Roche replied. He didn't know what to do. He just wouldn't be able to bear seeing his son in prison. His one son that still believed in him......

    "Mr Wilson, I repeat, is it true that your son has done illegal eavesdropping on the battle plans?"

    "I.. I don't know..." Roche lied. He just had to save his son,"But what I do know is he would never do such a thing."

    "Yes, I did eavesdrop on enemy plans. I don't care if it's illegal. I just want to save my brother. He's gone mad and is the Torment crime lord." Hinr said. Now HINR was telling the truth. He just wanted to save his brother. From evil. From madness. From himself....

    "NO! I WAS THE ONE WHO EAVESDROPPED!" Samantha yelled in an attempt to save Hinr.

    "Samantha, you can't..." Hinr replied. He knew it. There was nothing she could do.

    "The jury finds the defendant.... guilty under all charges." the jury leader said.

    "SPIN THE WHEEL OF PUNISHMENT!!!" yelled the jury. All attention went to the front of the hall. A giant wheel was being spinned. Samantha was now in tears at the result.

    "BEHEADED!" the judge yelled and dismissed the court.


    "SLICE SLICE SLICE SLICE SLICE SLICE SLICE!!!!" the crowd yelled. Hinr was in front of the beheading block. He put his neck on the block. He looked at Samantha and said I love you silently. Samantha also replied silently with I love you too. But then, the moon caught Hinr's eye. It was full. His pupils narrowed vertically. All anyone could see was a flash, then a giant werewolf with golden fur appeared! He had black patches on his fur and smaller patches of red that appeared less often. He had big hands and HUGE claws. Hinr then let out a earth-shaking roar. The crowd shrieked in terror as Hinr barged though them.

    "HE'S A WEREWOLF!" a townsperson cried.

    "NO, HE'S A LYCAN, LOOK AT HIS GOLD FUR!!!" another yelled to be heard. Hinr continued barging, as many townspeople were flew into the air and lots more were knocked over like Dominos. Samantha caught up with him and climbed into his hand as cheetah Roche followed aside them. They then dissapeared into the night....

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