• Part 1

    Chizuka's POV

    Our group were left in the classroom to do a group project. It was dismissal and only a few of the staff were left there, I think.
    "Guys, no one will leave from the room okay? Let's just be here and if you want to go to the CR, ask permission and be with another person. Understood?" Jason, our leader, said.
    "Okay," said J, while the others nodded and blinked. I twitched.
    An hour and a half passed. Zito and Azu suddenly decided to have a break and go to the 4th floor's Boy's CR, taking with them a fake Ouija board roughly sketched and colored by Eisii.
    "Hey! Where are you going? I already said-" Jason reprimanded.
    "Fourth floor, boy's comfort room. No one will see anyway!" Zito reasoned.
    "Um...Jason? May I go home now?" Chaina changed the topic.
    "Well, okay. The others, please come with them, along with me, of course," Jason offered.
    I twitched and whispered to myself, "Ay, He looks like he's afraid of ghosts!"
    "Anything, Authix?"
    "Nothing, CF! I said I'll bring pancakes tomorrow!" I turned my head away sarcastically.
    He flashed a thumbs-up at me. Chaina picked up her bag and went down. We went upstairs, carrying some of our materials, in case we need them for fun.
    We went to the Boy's CR, even me and Irish, because it's already clean because I guess there's now only us and the guard downstairs and because that the sky's dark periwinkle already.
    Marik asked, "Spirit of the Glass?"
    "I think we have a plastic cup. Let's use it!" Azu laughed.
    "Okay," an emotionless Irish handed the cup from the plastic bag we put the materials in.

    Jason's POV

    For about ten minutes or so we were all laughing hard for three reasons. First, it was Azu and Zito were controlling the cup, not really agreeing which way should it go, so the cup deformed. Then, they were making summoning sounds and asked if the spirit of the plastic cup was there, and asked once if the spirit of the deformed plastic cup was there. Lastly, they were asking idiotic, embarrassing and 'out-of-this-world' questions, and they make the answers very silly. This went on until somebody shouted. That made us confused.
    "Who was that?" I asked, scared a bit.
    "I think it was Chaina. Didn't she go home already?" J raised an eyebrow of confusion.
    "I think she forgot something and slipped. But let's make sure and see," Marik suggested.
    We went downstairs and found both doors closed. We had our cellphone's lights on. We can't hear any sound of electric fans and we didn't see the fluorescent bulbs shining. Odd. We left the classroom consuming electricity. All of our bags, including Chaina's, are outside. Maybe the guard already closed the classroom.
    Zito put out his flashlights he brought for our Science Activity earlier. Chizuka got one and put it on. We studied the windows, which was at the high part of the wall. I directed her to examine the ones on the left side. She nodded.
    I looked again and again at the windows. Nothing weird, except for Chizuka, the one and only 'Authix Girl' of the 'Authix World', as my best bud sang.
    Then Chizuka suddenly shrieked. We turned our heads on her and laughed. Anyway, she is weird. She sweat-dropped and admitted she think she saw a ghost.
    "That's a hallucination, Authix Girl," I teased.
    "Maybe, Little Skunk!" she teased back.
    Chizuka tried to open the door. No effect.
    "She used her left arm," J whispered to me, remembering that she made her the muscles around her elbow ache for a few days.
    "You're not that tough, even though you could block or open the door with five boys at the other side!" I teased once more and opened the door.

    Cliffhanger...well, until next time, then.