Chapter 1:The Animation Virus
    The town of Barton was quiet when a small chill nipped its air. The shops were beginning to close, as the owners all stepped out on to the town square,Forum Square.Agatha tossed her hair a bit,sighing. She turned around to lock the door of Barton Jewelers for the night."Ah,"she said, relaxing as she stood on the square."And so ends another beautiful day of selling precious gems and jewlery to the Gaians." Nicolae and Ian walked up behind her. Ian's eyes were filled with wearyness, where Nicolae's eyes were filled with excitement."Is that so?"Nicolae asked, grinning like a sly fox.Ian began to yawn."All that work really makes a guy tired, you know?"he said.
    Nicolae wrapped his arm around Ian's shoulders."Hey!"he exclaimed,"howza 'bout we go get some zOMG! action in,Ian?Hmm?"
    "How about NO,Nicolae?"he snapped.
    "Ooooh, touchy." Nicolae removed his arm away from Ian."Don't go ripping my head off now, Ian."
    "I'm just tired,okay?"Ian replied."Not every NPC has energy like you at the end of the day."
    "And anyway,"Agatha chimmed in,"how do you propose getting into the zOMG! server?"
    "That's right!"Ian exclaimed."The server isn't open at this time of night!"
    All Nicolae did was grin,crossing his arms."But,my dear friends,"he smirked."I just happened to find a hole in the system earlier."
    Ian and Agatha stared in shock."YOU BROKE INTO zOMG!'S SERVER!?!" they both screamed. Nicolae looked at them, mouth agape."I did what now?!" he asked, moving back a bit.
    "I thought you were low, Nicu,"Ian replied."But not low enough to hack into the server base." Nicolae bit his lower lip. Don't beat him senseless, he thought, don't do it. Hold it back."No,"he said, a tinge of strain in his voice."I mean, I actually found a hole in the server." Ian and Agatha both stared at him, distrust eminating."Yeah. Right,"they both said.
    The two began to walk away."Hey!Wait!"Nicolae yelled, running behind them.
    "Go away,Nicolae,"they replied, grimly. Nicolae stopped and arched his shoulders."FINE!!"he yelled."I'll show you it, you micro nanobytes!!"
    The trio walked to the edge of Barton. Ian and Agatha stopped in horror.In front of them was a terrible sight to behold. Microbytes of data fell to the broken grass data below. A giantic, gaping hole layed in the azure sky of Barton. Trembling, Ian pulled out a PDA."Is that a zOMG! PDA?" Agatha asked.
    "Yeah. We need to warn Lanzer." Nicolae waltzed up behind him. He snatched the device from him."Come on!" he said, skimming through the message."Do we really need to tell Lanzer?"
    "YES!"Ian exclaimed."Now give it back!Or else!"
    "What?"Nicolae asked, putting the PDA in his left pocket. He started to laugh."Or else what, Ian? You gonna sick your little kitty kitty Rufus on me? What a laugh." Ian clenched his fists."Shut up Nicolae!"
    "Little Ian is gonna be defended by his big bad kitty cat!"Nicolae mocked.
    "SHUT UP NICO----"
    Their quarral was silenced by a deafening scream of terror."AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" The two turned around to see Agatha on the ground backed up to a tree. From the hole, thick, black, choppy data surrounded the three NPCs."Hee hee hee," a voice giggled."Now it's my turn on Gaia, my darlings. Hee hee hee hee hee."