• Darsha slowly paced the room wondering if she will be okay.

    "Akuma Darsha." the doctor entered the waiting room."Congradulations, you're a father of twins" the doctor smiled.

    Darsha showed no emotion"I know that already."He paused, "How is she?"

    The doctor's smiled faded"she passed away after giving birth"

    "That can't be" Darsha ran to the emergancy room and there she was, her body was covered with a white bed sheet. Darsha slowly pulled sheet back revealing his past wife."Hanna..."

    The doctor joined him soon after, "We couldn't do anything for her."

    Darsha spun his head to face the doctor, "you doctors always say that." Darsha pulled out a kunai and stabbed the doctor in the chest. The doctor fell to the ground dead. Darsha picked up his dead wife and went to the nursery. He placed Hanna on the ground and went into the room. He found his two daughters at the far corner. "i'll be back to get you two." He whispered to them. They didn't stir in their sleep. He then left the room and picked up his wife once again and went stealth to get out of the building. He took her body to the graveyard at the other side of the hospitle and buried her there.