• It had been years since she had seen the light. Prison sucked, she knew, but she thought that she would at least be able to see the light! I mean, come on! What human can keep another human out of the light for years? And what human can do that to their own daughter? The girl looked at the ceiling, wondering how high it truly was.

    'I wonder if I scream will I get an echo?'

    She already knew that answer. It would be an echo...If she could scream.

    The girl had been dumb for a few years now, just a few months, actually, before her father had sent her to prison. It was when her old boyfriend had put a strand of barbed wire down her throat. If she listened to the doctors, she was lucky to be alive. 'Yeah, I'm so lucky... I can be alive, but what good does that do me in a jail cell?'

    She sighed, and tried to stand up, wanting to stretch her legs. That didn't work very well... The girl fell on her butt just as soon as she stood up and took a step. A loud sigh sounded. 'Oh well...'

    She stared at the ceiling again, wishing, wishing that someone could save her...