• There was once a seventeen year old boy.His name was Andrew and he had a pretty good life.Nice parents and a cute little sister.His house was built in the middle of a forest.His parents liked it that way.Being away from people and all.
    One day when his parents and little sister were out he stayed home.Andrew was bored and was looking for something to do.He went into his parents room.Thinking he would dig around for something interesting.He found some matches and took them.Going back downstairs he lite small things of wood and put them out after a while.
    With one stick he thought went out he threw to the side.Starting a fire itself.He noticed it quickly and tried to put it out.It didn't really work and the house went up in flames.Him trapped inside.Andrew quickly died but his spirit couldn't move on.He stayed in the forest waiting for something to happen were he could move on.
    Finally after fifty years of being alone another house was built.It was good sized.He went through it himself before they came.It was a couple with a new baby.They didn't look happy to have it.He took it on himself to watch over the kid.It was a girl so at first it reminded him of his little sister.
    He tried as much as possible to protect her from her own parents.They were bad people.They screamed and drank way to much.Many days the father disappeared.Sometimes didn't come back for weeks a time.The mother was a miserable person.Trying to forget everything by drinking.Many times she forgot about her child.That is were Andrew come in
    He would always secretly remind her she had a child.Sometimes it worked other it didn't.Personally it was better for her not to notice her little girl for if she did anything wrong her mother would beat her.This always made Andrew furious.He tormented both parents when this happened but it never seemed to have a effect