• Chapter I: Juliet’s Beginning

    “Julie, have a good time in High school, you’ll be staying at uncle Harvey and aunt Marie’s place, okay?” Clarissa kissed her daughter goodbye as she was going to enter the airport’s entrance doors.

    “Yeah, mom. See you in summer vacation.” Juliet waved goodbye at her mother and got to the plane off to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

    Wow, I can’t believe I’m going to college. She thought to herself. But I am going to miss mom and my dog, Pipo, with her in Salt Lake City, Utah. Juliet stared at the airplane’s window and slept for at least three hours.

    It was at two days since Juliet got to the plane and now, her uncle is waiting for her landing outside the airport in Pittsburgh. She got off the plane and got her stuff in the baggage claiming area. Harvey saw his niece and hurriedly offered her to carry her bags for her.

    “Oh, Julie, It’s so good to see you again.” Harvey placed Juliet’s bags at the back of his Ford F-Series pickup truck and gave her a bear hug.

    “It’s nice to see you too, uncle.” She chocked as she hugged her uncle back. Mom said that when I was still six, I used to spend my summer here. She chuckled in her mind. Harvey and Juliet got in the truck and drove off to Harvey and Marie’s place.

    “So how’s your mom? Is she okay with you going to college here?”
    “Well, she was hesitating at first, but she said that it was okay and so that I’ll learn how to be an independent woman.”

    Harvey grinned at Juliet and patted her on the head. “You’re already independent you know. How’s your new step dad coming along?”

    Juliet forced a cheerful face. “David’s, umm.. Really cool... And his daughter’s pretty nice
    too.” She happily said, smiling at her uncle.

    Harvey knew that she was faking it, but still pretended that he believed it. “Oh, I see… Look outside, Julie. We’re here!” He exclaimed.

    They both got out and were welcomed by Marie. “Welcome to 14 Almond St. of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, dear.” She greeted cheerfully.

    “Good morning, auntie. It’s quite breezy in august here, isn’t it?” Juliet shook her aunt’s hand and followed them inside the house. “In Salt Lake, was really warm, but here is just right.”

    Marie giggled. “Well, it is. Salt Lake City is really warm, unlike in Pittsburgh.” Marie directed her niece to where her room was located and Juliet carried her things to her room upstairs.

    It was already noon and Harvey was off to the police station to work. “Julie, uncle Harvey’s out at work and I’ll be going to the supermarket. Would you kindly lock up, deary?” Marie shouted from the living room. “Of course. I’ll be right over it.”
    “Thank you, dear. Goodbye.”
    “See you later, auntie.”

    Marie left and Juliet went downstairs and locked the door. Since there’s nothing else to do, I’ll call mom again. Juliet went to her room and dialed her mother on her cell phone.

    “Hello? Mom, It’s me, Juliet.”
    “Julie? Hi, so how are you? Is Marie and Harv still there?”
    “Nope. Aunt went to the supermarket and uncle went to work. Mom, do they have children?”
    “Actually, they used to have one, but he died while Marie was giving birth. Poor Jimmy…”
    “That’s horrible. They must be really lonely, all alone in the house…”
    “Yup. Oh, I almost forgot. School starts at September two in Princeton Academy. Don’t worry, it’s quite near.”
    “Oh, that’s next week! I’m so getting nervous right now…”
    “Don’t worry, Julie. Everything’s going to be fine, trust me.”
    “Okay, mom. I’ll call if anything’s up. Bye.”
    “Alright then. Love you, honey.”
    Juliet turned off her phone and lied on her bed. Whew, can’t wait for next week…