• "Mega? Answer me! Don't leave me now!!!" she screamed. "I need you!" But it was too late. Mega was gone. Peril was no where to be found. Rosin never wanted to see Ashes again. Ashes was all alone in this cold hateful world. She couldn't go on without Mega. So she cried. There was nothing left to hope for. No one cared for her anymore. Peril was so selfish these days. She didn't see Ashes's world crumbling to pieces around her. " I never thought Peril could do this to me." she thought.

    "IS IT THAT HARD TO CARE?!" she screamed in between sobs. She was deserted by Mega, Peril, and Rosin. The only people in the world that had once mattered to her.

    "IT WAS JUST A BOY, ROSIN! GET OVER IT!" she screamed as she was tyring to figure out where to go. She never thought Mega, of all people, would leave her like this. She thought they would never leave eachother. But at that moment, Ashes noticed something. Mega had died. Mega was 24 days older than Ashes. They had done everything together. Ashes would die in 24 days. She would follow Mega just like she'd always done. The two that were born together always died together. That was true in the twisted world they lived in. It always was.