• Will the world end?

    Sorry, that is a pretty lame way ro start a story, isn't it? I'll try again.

    Once upon a time...

    That is pretty lame too, huh? Once more..

    Before time was considered important, before babies were made in a "painful/romantic way." There were monkeys. You may be wondering, what the ****? but please keep reading. Now these monkeys were the monkeys that had to deal with bullying and murderers and inappropriate behavior. These monkeys weren't the same as the monkeys we see today, these monkeys were...are you ready?? THese monkeys were immortal.

    Because these monkeys never die, they soon became overpopulated. To decrease the population, the ruler decided to kill everyone over 200 years of age. THree days later, there was billions of strain dead bodies over the land. All of the bodies were over 200 hundred years old.

    The ruler saw all the blood shed and all the corpses and did not know what to do. He decided to just leave the bodies were they were, in hope that the environment could use them some way. So, the bodies were left to decay. Many monkeys moved away from the horror of what was left of their old dead family.

    Soon a virus began to rot in the bodies. A little boy was playing tag and he got lost. Soon he began to search around for home. and soon he found the bodies. Grass had grown on top of the bodies, so the boy gave a curious look. When he punished one lump over he saw what was left of a old monkey.

    His screams echoed the forest, eventually to be heard by his mother. SHe went running and finally found him in the unprotected graveyard. She hugged and kissed him caringly. What these monkeys did not know, was they were spreading the monkey virus to each other and eventually to hundreds of other monkeys.

    Day after day, the virus spread and soon monkeys were being born deformed and monkeys were beginning to live no longer than 250 years. Then the deformed babies had there own even more deformed children. Eventually, the monkey lives only lasted a couple of months and the deformed children, tired of being bullied, over populated the other monkeys and banished them into the deepest of forest never to come back again. The deformed mokeys called themselves humans and have had complete power ever since then.

    NOW how was that for a good story?? Maybe my next story could be a horror story... tune back in to find out.