• Your probably wondering why this story is called Vampire Godesses. Well, it's about three beautiful (which is why they are called goddess) secret vampires who are up to no good. You'll see.

    Chapter ???

    I know their secret. It's really obvious because I've read the Twilight books. Their beautiful skin. Which is cold. They're evil, cold, bloodsuckers.
    The next morning Jock was missing, Kelsey's boyfriend. Her eyes were swollen and red because she has no idea who did this. But I do. The Goddesses. They've killed five boys so far, all of who were handsome and cute. And now they took Jock. And their next victim is Dustin. But NOT ON MY WATCH!! NO WAY JOSE!

    I have to tell somebody about this. And it's gonna be Dustin. Since he's the next victim. I picked up my cell phone and dialed his number.
    "Hello?" he answered in his beautiful voice, which I may never hear again.
    "Dustin?" I almost whisper.
    "Laura? What's up?" he says casually.
    "I've got to talk to you. Meet me in the woods in five minutes." Then I snapped my phone shut. I slipped on my jacket and ran outside into the woods.
    Two minutes later, Dustin appears, looking as cute as ever. "What is it?" he asks with concern in his voice.
    "It's about Lorona, Mumtah, and Kira."
    "Okay," he says, looking confused.
    "You know about the boys who are missing? They did it. They killed them. They're vampires."
    He's looking at me like I'm crazy. "You're kidding."
    "No I'm not! Those boys were they're boyfriends. At the party? Lorona killed Jock. That happened at the party, you thought they were going to have sex, but they didn't. Lorona trapped Jock and killed him. And do you know why I know this? Because I saw it. With my own two eyes. You've got to believe me! Especially when you're their next victim. And I don't want to lose you!" I start sobbing and fall into his arms. He's really warm, considering it's really cold outside. I look up at him and see him looking at me.
    Then he starts kissing me. And it's amazing. I never want it to stop. But then some twigs crack in the woods, and we jump apart. Standing in front of us were Lorona, Mumtah, and Kira. With blood on their clothes. And on their mouths.