• Chapter 1 Jason’s beginning
    Jason sprinted into the city, trying not to bump into the merchants that were selling things there. Screams were heard behind him as he put his cape over his head. “Hey, get back here!” screamed a fat person behind him, holding a butcher knife in his hand. He had a white butcher hat on and blood on his shirt (obviously from slaughtering meat).
    “Ha-ha, you’ve got to get me first!” screamed Jason, looking behind. He held a bread stick in his right hand and a chicken bone on his left. He leaped over a cow and dashed through a crowd of girls. They all shouted words and curses that if I named in this book, your parents probably wouldn’t let you read it. Jason squeezed past a tight alley and drifted back into the streets. He swung himself side to side and sprung up in the air, trying not to trip over a pile of boxes. He skinned the ground and then, fluently, did a front flip over a cow. It mooed and then continued standing there, amazed.
    He then shifted onto an alley, and skit the wall and bounced off, landing on the next brick and then jump off again.
    “How does that kid do it?” the chef whispered to himself. He then peered around, shifting his head left and right. Where’s a ladder or something? He thought to himself. He then peered at a wooden ladder, lying near a trash can. “Alright you little rat, here I come!”
    Jason huffed and puffed and jumped to the next rooftop (being this story in another fantasy realm, kind of like our Europe, they haven’t evolved as much as we have so the rooftops aren’t as spaced out) “Oh my god, that fat guy just doesn’t quit, does he?” Jason asked himself. He then stopped, put his hand on his knee, and then laid down. The aroma of pastries and slaughtered meat blended in to make a musky smell. The city was covered with a light fog, and a light rain drizzled upon the land. Jason sighed. “Wow, this place isn’t really that fun.” Jason complained. He then got up, went to the edge of the rooftop, and spread his arms out. Wet rain water dripped down from his face and the calm wind blew his shirt upward. He stared off into the sky and then closed his eyes.
    Suddenly, a hand peered from the edge of the rooftop-a chubby one to be exact- and the chef slowly pulled himself up. “I got you now you little kid!” the chef screamed, grabbing Jason’s leg. “Hey, get off of me!” Jason screeched, kicking his leg around. “Kid, I swear if you kick me I’ll….” Jason grinned. “Kick you off? I wasn’t going to do that, but that’s a good idea!” Jason joked. Suddenly, the chef’s eyes widened. “You wouldn’t!” Jason’s grin even became larger and his smile stretched across his face.
    “I wouldn’t would I?” Jason joked again. And then it happened. Jason shifted his foot up, then picked and picked it back, exaggeratingly. “Oh my god, please don’t do it!" the shef screamed. “Don’t think I won’t tubby, I’m real tempted to” Jason said in an exaggeration of an evil voice. The chef’s heart bolted rapidly. Beads of sweat drifted down his face.
    “Oh my god, please don’t kill me! I have can barely survive off a minimum wage of being a mediocre merchant! Don’t end my life now!” The chef screamed. Oh my gosh, this guy’s such a wimp! Jason thought to himself. “Well, I guess it won’t matter that much if you’re dead then, now would it?” Jason continued to joke.
    “Oh please, don’t” Jason winked, and then sprung his leg just over the chef’s head, just hitting his white top hat. “Oh my god!” the chef screamed and then let go, and scream as he descended. And then, looking real stupid, he laid on a patch of manure. The stench of the ‘cow patties’ made his eyes water and turn red. Jason screamed from above. “You fat idiot! We weren’t that high. Oh yeah, hope you have fun scraping of the cow crap from your chef hat!” He chuckled and then sprung down from the rooftop and started sprinting away.
    “My chef’s cap! That’s the cap my mum gave to me!” The chef slung his crap-cap onto the ground.
    “You rotten kid, once I get to you I’m going to strangle you!” the chef shouted, slowly getting up from the cow manure that surrounded him.

    “Well you got to catch me first fatty!” Jason screamed as he spun around a corner. The chef screamed and swung his body weight over and dashed toward Jason in a swift foot stepping movement. The concrete crushed as he tore the ground with blinding fast speed. “Wow, this fat guy can run. I wonder if he uses potions.” Jason mumbled to himself. Jason peered around, while still frequently moving his feet. “Hey, are you using magic??” Jason asked as the chef shook the ground. "What?!” the chef screamed at him as he panted
    “I said, are you using a pot-‘’ then it happened. He ran into a girl and slowly crashed onto the ground.
    “Ow! My head! You need to pay more attention lad-‘’ Their eyes met. She looked about the same age as Jason, maybe about a year older. She wore a blue skirt, and had a white tunic on as well. Her hair was braided, and she had a nice smell. “I’m... sor” Then a scream was heard behind him. He then shook himself, got back up, and then started running again. “Wait!” the girl screamed into the distance. But it was too late. He was gone in a flash, and all that was left, was a white glove.
    “Alright, this has gone on long enough!” screamed Jason. He then peered behind him and let out his right hand behind him swiftly. “Take this!” he said as he snapped his finger. Suddenly, a rumble was heard and fire erupted from his hand! It shifted and swirled, and a giant inferno swallowed a whole city block! The chef screamed and swung his self backward and dashed past a group of people and ran back into his shop. “HA-Ha!” Jason laughed, and then skipped, carrying a loaf of bread and some meat. His hand was defected, and it throbbed with every footstep. It was brown, starting from his hand to his shoulder. “Darn it, it’s grown!” he screamed at himself. “The way this is going my whole skin’s going to be brown by next month!’ he complained. “This is all that stupid Rith’s doing. I swear, if I see that stupid General again I’m going to rip my arm off his body and get my arm back!”
    Jason sprinted back to his usual place- a corner a back alley- and sat down by a trash can. “Hey, Skipper, I got some food from the usual.” Suddenly, a shadow came out of a corner in the alley and out came a white dog, about as big as a wolf, with a frequently wagging tail. The dog let out a bark. “Well I got bread and chicken….well you know what, just hurry up and eat it.”Jason demanded, reaching the breadstick to him. The dog sniffed it, and then took a bite out of it. It munched it slowly then continued chewing on it. Jason let out a sigh. “I remember the times when mother was alive, when she use to tell me how the earth was created, and the betrayal of this one evil guy who plotted on ruling the world, but got defeated by this one good guy who apparently is all tough and stuff.” Jason told Skipper. It wagged its tail, totally ignoring what Jason just said and staring at the large piece of meat. “How did the story go again?” He whispered to himself. He rubbed his chin slowly. “You know what, I totally forgot. I’m going to have to steal that book from the library across town” Jason whispered to the dog. The dog wagged his tail and barked. Jason giggled and then peered up onto the sky.
    Jason climbed onto a rooftop and peered at a blanket at the far right corner of his eye. He crawled down to it and picked it up. Under it laid a framed picture of a young woman with sparkling long, dark, hair and bright blue eyes. Jason stared at the picture. “She sure did look beautiful back then, didn’t she?” Jason asked the dog. It barked and then took a chunk out of the meat that was left over. He laid the picture down and turned to a pillow. “Well, I guess good night Skipper”, Jason said, turning his head to the pillow. The dogs wagged his tail and lie next to him, and let out a yawn. Then Jason laid his eyes. And all turned dark.
    Nicole sat on the rooftop-the one right above the balcony to be exact-and swung her feet with the frequent movements of the whistling air that surrounded her. “It feels so nice up here, huh Gloria?” A cat laid by her and meowed. It purred and rubbed against Nicole. She sighed. A group of birds flew through the night, chirping a sweet melody as they glided through the air in a triangular form. “Sometimes, I wish I could be like the birds in the sky. They’re not restricted by the laws of gravity and come somehow swift into the air” Gloria meowed and clawed at one of the birds that apparently drifted too close her. She sighed again. “One day I’ll escape from this castle-heck; I would like to escape from this whole city, but who knows when that’ll happen” She then stared off into the black winter sky, ignoring the wind that whipped around her face. “But in the mean time, I should enjoy my life in this city” she said, hopping off the rooftop and back onto the balcony. Gloria then backed up, and then leaped off, landing, like Nicole, on the balcony. She then peered into her room, which was not like most tween girls at that age. It had a master bedroom with a smooth pillow and a red blanket with it. A rosy aroma filled the room, obviously from many exotic plants. The room was filled with unicorn wallpaper, and a very wide closet laid in the room as well. “Well, I guess it’s about time for me to go to sleep then.” Nicole said, heading toward her bed. She dashed to her bed and peered down. A white glove laid next to her pillow. It had the name Jason on it. “Oh crap! That one guy I bumped into!” Nicole picked the glove up. “Guess I’m going to have to give this back to him, huh Gloria?” she said as she blew out the candle. And all that could be heard, was a meow.