• Butterflies rolled around in my stomach as our car drew nearer to the front entrance of Westwood Middle school. I was dressed in an outfit I had bought yesterday for this moment. I clutched my novel to my chest and looked forlornly at the groups of kids that swamed by the entrance.
    "Um, Claire," my mother said gently from the front seat. "You need to get out." There was an amused touch to her tone. I glared at her. She sighed heavily and twisted her body around to look sympethetically at me.
    "Listen, I know moving to a different school is hard. I know making new friends, living in a different neighborhood, and the entire thing is hard. But today, you need to brave for not only you, but for me. Okay?"
    I nodded softly and stared at my new skate shoes. "That's my girl. Now get out."
    I pushed my door open and shyly peered around. No one even glanced in my direction. I looked back at my mom who was grinning at me. She waved her hands and gave me a supportave smile. Then she drove away. I gulped and stepped forward across the street to the front of my new school. I quickly threw the hood of my sweatshirt over my brown curls. I wanted to stay invisible. It was one of my life's goals.
    As I walked threw the groups and clusters of people, some eyes trailed me. I looked up to see a few popular girls smirking at me. I ducked my head and hurried along.
    After I retreived my schedule from the office, I walked to my homeroom. The school was bigger than my old one and more menancing. I hated moving. I just didn't undestand why in hell we were constantly moving! My mom was single and she was always moving around trying to find a better job. I reached my locker and began to fumble wth the combination.
    "Hi," I spun around. A boy with straight black hair and soft blue eyes, was gazing intently at me. "I'm Liam," he continued. I realized he was holding a hand out to me. I looked at it for a moment before I realized I was supposed to shake it. I could feel blotches of red bloom on my cheeks and neck.
    "Um, hi. I'm Claire." Liam looked amused.
    "Nice to meet you. Who's your homeroom?" I glanced at my schedule. It said Ms. Berkley for period one.
    "Ms. Berkley. Is she nice?" Liam's nose wrinkled up as he smiled.
    "She's cool. I guess she's a little odd. She's my homeroom too."
    "Mmm," was my reply. I looked back at my locker and wrestled with the damn combonation again.
    "Need help?" Liam asked.
    "Uh, no." I tried to open it again. I sighed, defeated. "Yes." I handed him my combibation.
    Liam laughed deep and throaty. It was rather handsome. He stepped foreward and turned it three times. The locker sprung open. "Thank you," I said, blushing again.
    "Anytime," he replied, grinning. "I gotta go get my books. See you then."
    "Yeah, see you." I nearly whispered. And I followed him to homeroom as the bell rang.

    I'll write more later....................... to defidently be continued. smile