• Story 1: part one
    The first to go....

    Rain. It poured down from the heavens but the sky was clear and yet it splattered the ground. Lightning struck the ground but there wasn't a flash in the sky, and yet the ground shook and craters were made by the invisible lightening.
    A loud crack! The ground shook once more. I walked down the streets of this abandoned city once where I lived, but it was now in ruins and buildings were falling.
    Another loud crack the ground shook! A building beside me shook and collapsed! Clumps of concrete hit me knocking me down. The building made a loud crack then....

    I woke with a start, sitting up on my bed eyes wide. I looked out my window and found it was raining in the dark night sky.
    Only a dream. I thought sighing a sigh of relief.
    I stood and walked to my door and slowly opened it. I took in every detail, the wooden railing, blue carpet, the stairs, the white door across from my own, before I walked out.
    I went down the stairs into the living room, then into the kitchen and stopped.
    "Having nightmares?" A dark, tall figure said. "Want a glass of water?"
    I turned and ran as fast as my legs would take me. Running upstairs I turned not thinking to go into my parents’ room but to my own room, not saying a word for fear had taken hold of me.
    I heard heavy footsteps coming up the stairs.
    I must get out, I must get out!! I thought. But the only way out was the door I came in and the-
    I ran over to the only window in my small room, and pushed hard to open it. It opened after I had the sense to unlock it, and I jumped out.
    I landed on my feet then sunk into the sodden ground. A moment passed and I felt no pain but then a burning pain shot through my leg making me yell in pain.
    In spite the pain I stood knowing that the man would be behind me soon, and ran limping.
    All the lights in my neighborhood were off, not even the street lights were on. I got on the street and ran as hard as my hurt leg would carry me.
    I was having trouble breathing and I stopped not seeing anyone following me. It was still raining but I sat on the street anyway.
    What now!? I ran away from home and now for all I know some big dude is chasing me! I thought.
    “You can run boy. But now you come with me.” Said a deep voice from before.
    I turned around to find the tall man behind me.
    “NO!” I yelled starting up but then something cold and long, like a metal pole hit me in the neck. Then darkness swarmed my vision and I fell asleep.

    “So he’s been captured, huh?”
    “Yeah, I guess he was of some worth to them after all.”
    “Yeah, send it him.”
    “You got it.”

    Name: Shishimaru Akumishi
    Age: 12
    Weight: 102
    Country: Japan
    Status: Missing