• long before the era of democracy, and the freedom of men to wage war on other men for no reason, there was a time of relative peace among men. but that would soon change with the birth of Alex Zypher. Alex once dreamed of bringing the world it's greatest gift.... mediocre food at discount prices. But, with a name like Zypher, every time that he tried to sell his food, everyone assumed the food was poisoned and many a mother-in-law would have fallen victim if it was true. Regardless, Alex knew he had to change his name, nay, his identity in order to feed the world. So now, witness the birth of a global mastermind as we watch Alex Zypher be reborn as........RONALD MCDONALD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    a story that shaped america... and then the world... PART 2

    Ronald was five months into his project. to which he cleverly named Project Obesity. He had moved to America, the land of oppurtunity and mugging, when he was called down to egypt by his assistant code name: The Hamburglar. Ronald would now make the one discovery that would make project obesity complete... the recipe for perfect fries. Ever since he was a boy Ronald had been dreaming that he would be the one to find the perfect recipe. He knew that even though the French said they invented the fry, he knew it to be false because the french our always nuetral in war and so forth would not have the guts to invent the fry unless they knew of it's exsistence before. And now Ronald had the original recipe for the greatest fast food known. However it came at a terrible cost.... you see, Ronlad was so excited about the recipe that he halted research on how to make good burgers and chicken and how to hire normal looking workers to not scare small children. In the next installment, he find that Ronald has an archnemesis. His name is Archie McArcher, better known as...... BURGER KING!!!

    a story that shaped america... and then the world... PART 3

    ronald had just opened up his first restaurant in america. he was obviously doing well because he was getting robbed at least twice a week. his perfect fries won the hearts of thousands of overweight children... and some adults. however, ronald was to confident to realize his mistake... when he found the recipe for perfect fries, he never considered...................... the recipe for the perfect burger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ....... but one man did..... Archie McArcher AKA burger king. he like ronald went looking for the fry recipe but got there a day to late, but, as luck would have it, while in the tomb of the fry recipe he noticed an inscription that said "dfdfgsahf gtujswyr gfhd frjgjd gff dggfj gdef kioo hfnej hredgh gdgh" he then proceeded to wipe all the dirt off so he could read it clearly. it said "the perfect fry is but a shadow of the perfect burger, for with the burger lies true greatness" not pausing to find out why the egyptian tomb had english writing in it, King set out to the statue of Anubis, he knew the recipe would be there because in every egypt movie ever made anubis is hiding something of value. anywho... after hours of digging King finally found his recipe, finally he could compete with ronald. a flash. a scream. King turned around to see a familiar figure running away. with a whispering breath he said his name "Hamburglar".