• Life moves fast…
    You just have to move faster


    What do you do when fate throws something unbelievable at your face? What are you supposed to do? Marvel at it? Fear it? Or maybe you have to sit back and see where it takes your life?
    Maybe I messed up. Maybe the right thing to do was get away and run when it all started. Either way, it doesn’t matter anymore. The one I love is dead. And to bring her back means the end of my life.
    After all the fighting and bloodshed has finished. I’m sitting here with empty, bloody hands.
    I love you all.

    1. Garden State
    As the quiet New Jersey day turned to night, a crowd gathered outside Westfield High School’s water tower. On normal days the school parking lot would be practically empty. But tonight was a special night for the students. They were about to witness the first fight of the school year.
    The water tower is infamously known as one of the best spots to fight in all Westfield. The water tower is conveniently located far from the school, near the last spots in the parking lot. It provides deep cover from the school, and is favored by teens looking to fight after school has ended. With the students covered by the cloak of night, all that is needed is the fighters.
    “I have twenty that the fight won’t last more than a minute.” Said a boy dressed in red
    “Hah, I will raise your twenty to thirty! Watch, this won’t last more than thirty seconds. Victors gonna wipe the floor with Aiden’s scrawny little body” a boy next to him responded
    “When are they going to get here anyways?” said the boy in red.
    As if on cue, an army green hummer rolled in from the schools back entrance. When the beast of a truck got closer, the crowd replied with hearty cheers and laughter. The headlights dimmed as the hummer drew to a stop. After a moment four teens who looked to be seniors stepped out of the truck. Another senior jumped out of the car, greeted with random applause.
    “The winner has arrived!” the teen shouted.
    “All, right Victor. Don’t beat this punk too bad. All we need is to teach him a lesson.” The man on his right said.
    “Shut up Charlie, ill do what I want with this b***h.” Victor snapped over the excited murmurs from the crowd
    “Fine, just don’t take it out on me” Charlie responded
    Victor stepped forward and scanned the crowd, searching for his victim. “Where are you Aiden?” Victor called into the crowd. “I knew that you’d be too much of a wimp to face me” The crowd smirked in agreement. “Where are you kid?” he called out into the night sky.

    Meanwhile at the front of the school three lone students walked towards the parking lot. They walked towards a battle one of them could not escape, one that he had to face.
    “Aiden, remind me again why you are doing this?” the boy on the left said. He was dressed in all black, blending in with the night. Even his dark semi-long hair seemed to hide him from view.
    “I can’t explain it Devlin, I need to stop him. I can’t go along and watch him treat his girlfriends like crap. Especially one of my closest friends” Aiden called out, his straight black hair ruffling in the wind. He parted some loose hair away from his face to the side, revealing deep midnight green eyes.
    “Okay I get that. But who are you to fight him?” Devlin asked
    “Part of me wants to... I don’t know, defend people I guess” Aiden replied
    “Oh c’mon Aiden don’t give me that ‘were all meant for a purpose’ bullshit like you always do” Devlin said “Right Tim?”
    “You’re gonna get your a** handed to you” Tim said, his blue sweatshirt barely showing in the dark. Tim had short brown hair, and he was rather chubby.
    “Wow, I cannot believe you guys are my friends” Aiden laughed.
    They soon were at the middle of the parking lot. From the distance they could hear talking from the far side of the water tower. Tim and Devlin traded anxious expressions.
    Devlin was the first to speak “Are you sure you want to do this alone? I mean, if you look bad then me and Tim could just come in and help you out”
    “Wait what!?” Tim almost shouted “this is Victor Greene were talking about. He almost went to juvie, but he didn’t go because of lack of evidence! I don’t feel like getting demolished by his idiot friends anyways.”
    Aiden stopped walking and turned to his friends “Exactly, this is why I’m doing this alone. I was the one who confronted him, so I have to deal with this. I know I might get demolished, but oh well.” He turned and continued walking
    Tim checked his phone for the time. The phone read 7:43 9/1/08.
    “We’re lucky that we got here on time.” Tim said “What took you so long to get ready Aiden?”
    Aiden laughed and pulled out something from his pockets “I couldn’t find this” Aiden showed them what he was holding. In his hand was a black mp3 player with black headphones.
    Devlin laughed “Haha that is what you needed? Do you really need music to your own death?”
    “Music helps me focus. I think I’m gonna need it, like right now.” Aiden said lightly. They had just reached the end of the parking lot. The water tower stood before them like a giant, a warning sign not to step on ahead. Something told Aiden that he should have ran.