• I reached my bloodied hand out, but only came back with air. Only came back with loneliness. Nobody hears my cries of agony, and nobody comes to save me. The only person around is a cruel man. He smiled evilly, and knelt to the ground.

    “Oh, how tragic, a newborn.” he whispered with fake innocence, stroking my messy, bloody hair. I threw my head sharply away from his cold touch, wincing at the pain that burned in my neck. The man hissed, baring his fangs at me.

    Without realizing it, I bared my fangs. I felt my teeth grow and push down on my lower lip, and my throat vibrate with my hissing. What was going on? I was shocked at myself; I felt strange and...and I couldn't even describe how I felt.

    The man looked me square in the eye, and I was trapped by the purple and red swirls in his eyes. They seemed to hold me there, until he finally broke away, a look of boredom crossing his inhuman face. I looked at his deep brown curls so he couldn't trap me again.

    It made me feel lonelier than if I were alone. “Up, you have to eat.” he said harshly, dragging me to my unstable feet. I wobbled; almost falling over, but eventually was able to gain my balance. The burning in my neck seemed worse when I moved and I could scarcely breathe.

    “Move, the faster you eat idiot, the sooner it will stop.” the man pushed me forward, but I was to busy trying to breath to fear his icy touch. My fangs bit into my lower lip, and I resisted the urge to claw at them. It felt horrible; every second the fangs and burning in my throat reminded more and more of what I now was.
    Despicable, evil creature…vampire. My mind fogged at the thought, and I fell face flat to the ground. “Get up.” The man demanded, and I had no choice but to obey. I felt so alone as I was dragged along as my throat burned like a fire.
    Suddenly, my now inhuman senses picked up an unfamiliar scent. My body prepared to lunge to it, and it seemed to grow a mind of its own. “Good girl, have at it.” He whispered, nudging me forward. My body instantly sprung away towards the scent, completely ignoring my mind.
    The burning in my throat hurt even more, but I couldn’t even force my mouth to move how I wanted it to. Fear crept into my mind, along with a sense of horror as I spotted a human that was the source of the smell.
    In an instant, I was on top of her, and my fangs pierced her neck. I cried out mentally as I slurped the girl’s lifeblood. I had caught a glimpse of the girl I was killing, and I fought with all my might against my body to no avail.
    It was my little sister of all people. My body didn’t seem to care; it just stole her life bit by bit. I forced my eyes closed, but I still saw her horror plain as day on her face, which usually just had a big smile. Blood dripped down onto her blue summer dress, and she struggled weakly.
    I felt my hand snap her neck, so my mind screamed in distress. I felt isolated, as if I’d been locked up in my own personal hell. My body dropped her empty body to the ground, and I cried on the inside at her. Her skin was white as snow, and her long, silky, blonde hair was messed up with blood on the tips.
    I hardly noticed the burning had ceased, and my fangs shrunk until I found myself on my knees in front of her. My mind was temporarily freed as I sobbed tearlessly over her dead body. I cupped her cheek gently, and kissed her forehead, ashamed of myself.
    She’d done nothing wrong, and I’d killed her because she had blood. I was such a monster, I couldn’t even stop myself. I was utterly alone; if I even went near anyone I knew, they’d be dead almost instantly. I couldn’t go back, even if it meant being alone. I hated the idea, but I couldn’t let the monster hurt my loved ones.
    “I’m sorry, so sorry.” I whispered, my voice sounding like a tortured angel. Even my voice had changed. It seemed I would be alone from then on, just being nobody, with nowhere to go. I shakily stood to my feet, and looked one last time at my sister before walking away from my life, from all life.
    I hated myself for it, but I secretly wanted someone to understand, to wake me up from the never ending nightmare. Anyone that could take away my monster and make me feel better. But no one could do that, no one would. I was just a lonely nobody, seeking solace.