• Three words, that’s all it took. “I hate you.” All it took for Sweet Emily to fall down. Fall into darkness; full of depression, isolation, and despair. Her heart shattered into a million sharp pieces, making it hard to breath, hard to do anything but feel pain. Emily cried out in sorrow, longing for him to come back, for him to take back those words.
    She knew she shouldn’t accept his apology if he ever gave one, but she didn’t care. She wanted him to love her still, because she could never stop loving him. She loved him so much; she just couldn’t let him go. It was like she’d been tied to him by an unbreakable force.
    He ignored her, walking the other way when she saw him, ignoring her pleading, desperate words. Every time to Emily, it was like he was pushing her deeper, deeper in the darkness, but only he could save her. She would lie awake, whispering his name like a lost child would there mother’s.
    Months passed, but he didn’t change. He just pushed her deeper into the endless, cold darkness, hurting her more and more. Emily didn’t give up quite yet, she just wasn’t able to. The darkness was slowly eating her very being, and bit by bit, increasing her pain.
    Emily was lost, the darkness was quickly enveloping her; and he didn’t even care or notice. The darkness pulled at Emily more, but she held on to the thought that he might change. She held that thought dearly, but it was the only light left in her heart, and a faint one at that.
    More time passed, and Emily got worse. She got almost no sleep, fearing her nightmares she kept having. She stopped talking and ate next to nothing. Nobody seemed to notice, nobody seemed to care. All Emily would do was try to be with him, but no matter what, he refused.
    Eventually, the darkness enveloped Emily completely, leaving behind only a soulless body. She tried to resist, and tried one last time to talk to him. It was no different, he just ignored her. She gave up; she just gave up trying to live, to do anything.
    Her soulless self slowly went home, ignoring the pouring rain that drenched her as she went. She numbly went and found her father’s hidden gun that was meant for protection, and walked to Emily’s room. She made sure it was loaded, and wrote a goodbye note on a sheet of paper with his name on it.
    Emily’s body lifted the gun to her chest, and her finger went to the trigger. No matter what, she would always love him; she would always want him back. Her mouth opened, and quietly she whispered the words she put on paper for him. “Will you miss me?” then she pulled the trigger.