• Chapter 1:

    I was there walking in the dark road carrying with me my files as I try to hurry up to reach my home when a man suddenly appeared and told me to be careful, I never listened to him thinking that he was just a crazy person. Thunder roamed the skies , water droplets started to drop, it was about to rain, so I decided to stop in a nearby inn to rest since I was afraid that the important documents might get wet, I am a light-sleeper so I easily hear unusual sounds that happen when I was sleeping or I can easily wake up, it was past midnight when I heard footsteps coming through me so I decided to see what it was, there I saw a dark figure, the figure spoke " Sorry lad I know you are a good mage but I really need to do this" , then he grabbed something from his pocket revealing a very sharp dagger, then he stabbed me in my left chest.

    Chapter 2:

    Kriiiiing! The sound of the alarm clock woke Daniel up, he rushed to the mirror as if he was chased by a wild dog and stared at his left chest, he only saw his birthmark, "Whew, glad it was just a dream!", he stared to the mirror for a long time when he noticed that he was already late for work , so he rushed to the bathroom, ate his breakfast and proceeded to his office."Daniel White", his boss shouted, he went to his boss and ask why, there his boss proclaimed that he is fired because his jobs are always miserable for the last few days, he packed his bags and wen out of the company. "Rum Single", Daniel stated as he ordered one glass of rum in the town's pub, he was almost about to drink the wine when a hand stopped him, he checked who it was and Alas! It was his childhood friend, Napoleon, his friend asked him why he drank wine since Daniel was afraid of wine, so Daniel told Napoleon all it has to say that he was fired from his job, " It doesn't mean that when you have problems you should destroy yourself, we are in your hands Daniel, we are", Napoleon stated as he rushed through the exit, Daniel was confused about what his friend just said so he tried to chase him but it was too late all he found was a piece of paper with a note on it - Meet me at the fores at the southern part of your house tomorrow ~ Napoleon.

    Chapter 3

    "So you are already here", Daniel stated when he saw Napoleon from the distance with a man he didn't know, Napoleon introduced Daniel to an old friend of him, Scrooge, "He came from Romania", Napoleon stated, Daniel then asked Napoleon about what he said last night that they are in his hands. Napoleon then said that it was dark times in Lovanista, the land of magic, when he escaped from the people because the people there was jealous of his power, Napoleon also said that Daniel's parents tried to help him the reason why they died, Daniel was confused, he tried to throw a punch at Napoleon but the moment Napoleon raised his hands, he felt a slimy aura covering his palm then blowed him away from Napoleon, Daniel then believed that there is really such things as magic. Napoleon then announced that he will train Daniel in using magic so that when time will come they can avenge the White's death.

    Chapter 4

    After years of practice, Daniel was ready to go, wearing strange cloaks, Daniel, Napoleon, and Scrooge, headed to Lovanista, but halfway the road, Napoleon told Daniel not to mention his real name so that they can protect his privacy, Daniel just nodded his head and continued to walk in the steep way, after hours of walk, Scrooged stopped in a nearby oak tree, he raised some kind of gem, thus , revealing a portal, they entered the portal and then they were already in another world. "Welcome to Lovanista Daniel", Napoleon said, Daniel was feeling a little bit strange so he stopped for a while, Napleon asked him what was wrong and Daniel just told Napoleon what he felt about Lovanista, Scrooge then told him that maybe he was just homesick, so they walked very fast until they reached a three-floored mansion, Napoleon presented Daniel his room and then Daniel called it a night, renewing his strength for tomorrows adventure.

    Chapter 5

    "Wake up Daniel!" Scrooge tried to wake Daniel up, Daniel then asked him why he was calling him so early, Scrooge then said that Napoleon told him to bring you to hunting because he is going to an old friend, so Daniel just followed Scrooge's instruction, they were in the middle of the forest when suddenly a large hurricane was in their way blowing Daniel away. Daniel then woke up in another place, he saw two men with a strange look, these two men introduced themselves to him, Bin and Laden, elven people, they are the rarest creatures in Lovanista, but Daniel just ran away in total fright. "Have you ever seen that face before?" Bin asked Laden, Laden told him that he never saw that face before here in Lovanista, so Bin decided to report this to Elder Rin because maybe he was one of the dark mage's spies , when they reported this to the elder, instead of being sad, the elder smiled and said " Maybe the prophecy of King Osmium about the divine child will come true at last".

    Chapter 6

    "Where have you been?" Napoleon asked Daniel, Daniel then told him the whole story, the hurricane and the elves, Napoleon was so angry, he asked Daniel if they saw his birthmark , but he was calmed when Daniel answered no, Daniel then took a nap with great confusion in his mind. The next day, Daniel was ordered to buy some spices in the market, so he went there as early as he could, along the way, he met Bin and Laden, Bin then asked Daniel if where he lives and who are his companions, Daniel then told them the truth, the elves were very shocked to hear that Scrooge and Napoleon are his companions,
    they brought Daniel to their elder and started to ask questions, when Daniel then answered that Napoleon and Scrooge are his friends then Elder Rin tol him the entire story. " Long time ago, the White family was the strongest mage here, but because , Napoleon the dark mage, Scrooge, the dark arts master, and Chromius the divine arts master, seek more power, they killed the White couple leaving a baby, I put the baby in the human world to be safe, just as we knew that the baby was needed to fulfill the prophecy of the divine child that, the last heir of the Whites will be the one to conquer the dark, Daniek then told them that his full name is Daniel White and showed to them his birthmark, knowing the truth, they then proceeded to Napoleon's mansion to avenge the Whites.

    Chapter 7

    Daniel then told Napoleon and Scrooge that he already know the truth, upon hearing this, mortal combat happened between two parties, one by one Scrooge and Napoleon are slain, but another man was still standing behind, Chromius, they then joined their powers and killed Chromius. They avenged the White's death. Daniel then ruled Lovanista, became happy, and was contented with his simple life enjoying the revealed Hidden Truth from Scrooge, Napoleon, and Chromius.