• “Oww...” I cried as I tripped over something on the ground. I landed on my knees, striking something hard, really hard, hard enough for me to be able to hear the bone crack. I sank down onto the pavement. “oh god help me” I said as I started to cry and pray at the same time. I was 13, now homeless after running away from home, and in a public park at night, Not to mention I'm pretty sure I just broke my leg.

    “oh honey, not even god can save you now.” I heard a deep voice say, chuckling. With that, I started to panic, and tried to get up, but the pain in my leg sheered, making me fall. Before I could hit the ground, the man caught me. The last thing I remember was a sharp pain in my neck, then pain so unbearable all throughout my body, that I blacked out.

    Everything was black, I couldn't see even a speck of light. I was the only here, wherever ‘here’ was. “Oh daughter, its time for you to come back to me” someone said. Well it was more or less thought, it wasn't a sound, but a thought in my mind. “Who are you? What are you? Where am I? And where are you?” I frantically started to ramble through my mind.