‘I kept running, running from my very own death, I could not cry anymore, I could not live anymore, for I am the undead girl walking to the streets without a purpose’
    I remember him now; I remember his cold eyes, and his red lips from my own blood. And when I woke up my side, left me alone with a wolf maybe as lonely as I, not quite. And then remembering calling her Eve as the wolf helped me up and taught me the skill to kill.
    I have eyes, that when you look at them, makes you think of pain. Of immortality and the cause of it. I have no where to run now, my parents are dead and I have no home anymore, for the sake of the mortals I must not stay.
    One day I will remember him. And why he did this to me.

    I could hear him shiver, I could see him stare at his own reflection, and just like that I made him see me, no longer worried about the strangers eyes.
    But only about my prey, I thought about how many ways I could kill him. How I could rip every organ of his pathetic mortal body, and watch him cry in pain until he tells me where is she. Eve was waiting outside, as always making no move without my permission. But this time, I would kill him, if he did the wrong move, his blood will be served to her. Then he saw me, and my amulet, the only thing that I could save from the fire, the amulet that represents one’s from the Royal family. The cross that only those powerful enough could wear, or they simply burn into ashes.
    The one that my mother used to wear when she died.
    He gasped in pain for in mere seconds my hands where tightly around his neck, just enough pressure him know whom he’s dealing with.
    This is no time for forgiveness, so I began the usual game.
    “Where is she?” I whispered onto his ears, now bleeding down his neck, my voice no longer familiar even to my own ears.
    I pressed his neck together again and he cried in pain.
    I flinched from the sound.
    “I don’t know, but please whoever you are, I have nothing!”
    I ignored his useless pleading, if I didn’t kill him now, eventually someone will, human are pathetic at how they handle their useless lives. Still, I wished I were one, but im simply dead.
    I hear a movement into the dark room. Someone was here, and he didn’t have an invitation.
    Eve came and said the only words that made my breath stilled in a very long time.
    “Death is coming Elena, I see blood and a new dark presence in this room’
    I didn’t take my eyes away from the man I was killing in mere seconds and then I dropped him, and he ran just like the others.
    And so I saw what I wanted to never see again, the one and only prince of death.
    I saw his crooked smile when he looked at me and I growled at him.
    “Hello dear Elena, how very nice to see you again.” The way he said it made it sound so dirty. Filthy. But I could not tare my eyes away, which would be my last mistake.
    I felt Eve stiffened and I knew there was trouble.
    So In the most dreadful voice I said; “Hello Neill, what the hell are you doing here?”
    Eve told me about my temper, I will never call him prince, but he nearly smiled.
    “Business is business im afraid.”
    And then he was in front of me in two seconds; he stared at my eyes, my amulet, and my lips.
    I wanted to rip those eyes of him, and watch him scream in pain and misery.
    He was no better than his brother.
    Filthy. Disgusting.
    I could tell he wanted something, his eyes never once blinked. And his dead heart never makes a sound, as hard and cold as steal.
    I thought about my own heart and how empty it is. It wasn’t always, not when I was a mortal. Human.
    I hated myself for thinking that way, those happy years that I could remember less every day. And then he spoke, and the sound hurt my ears, but I refused to give in to the pain. I am not weak!
    “Shouldn’t you be at School Elena?”
    I hated that he knew about that, when I was changed, I was seven, but my blood was different, so I can hear my own heart beat, and I can grow according to age, but they say that I will stop growing when im 18, im 17 now, so I must go to school. I only go because of my age and Gramps.
    “Summer Brake.” I whispered in that deadly tone that told everyone to stay the hell away from me. But he didn’t do anything but shrugged.
    He just did that crooked smile that I despise, it made my blood boil with anger, and want to murder him.
    “I must tell you, you should go with me, I talked with mother and she says you make a perfect toy, beautiful, smart and also foolish, someone that I can play with.”
    I had some trouble controlling my temper but when I spoke my voice was flat, calm.
    “That’s lovely, too bad im no leech.”
    And so I walked down the building, caring little for what could happen. I told Eve to speed up, and so she did.
    There is no such thing as an eternity without pain, there is no such thing of ‘too nothing’.
    Elena started walking through the streets, Eve always besides her.
    And then she saw Eliza, her friend from the vampire society. A school only for those vampires that needs something to do.
    “Hey, you look good, as always.”
    “Hey, yeah you too, so what’s new?”
    Eliza put her arms around my shoulders and whispered something that was clearly something for my own ears, “There’s this new guy in town, and they say he looks like a stranger.”
    I was a stranger too, but now thanks to Gramps im not, but it doesn’t mean im not different.
    I can walk in the sun, I can hear my own heartbeat, and I can stay without feeding for weeks.
    I am one of the Royal.
    “Are you worried about the ritual?”
    I nodded and then hugged her and said my good-byes.
    Ten years ago…
    I was just a child, a lonely and human child; because of my family I was force to keep the secrets of the undead. When everyone was sleeping at day, I would read, and sometimes my mother would be with me, since my dad was a vampire, and she a human, she only wanted to make him happy, so she slept at day like everyone.