• The brisk wind soon died down soon after the shriek was herd. Jenn then sat straight on the ground, right in the middle of the pavement were she had seen it. It was amazing how fast her life had changed in just one day. She went from perfect harmony to all of her dreams being shattered in a second. Now here she was in the middle of a dead road alone at night.
    This was not the first time Jenn had seen one of thease things, and it garenteeably would not be the last. The slime ridden deformed thing had vanished into the brisk night with out a trace.
    "Get up"
    Jenn saw the form as a black sillouet in the night. A large form perferebly a man of a lage stature. He steped closer to reveal that she was right. He wore faded camo shorts, and a vacation shirt that haddent been buttoned. The frist thing she noticed was the large sword that was almost as large as he was being held just behind his head. He gave his hand to her.
    "Did you see that!" she stammered.
    "Yes i have seen many like it in the past. The spirts are aroused for some reason." He was omnipotent. as though nothing could face him. "It left because it heared me comming. I have followed you all day sice your run in with the clan in the tunnel."
    "Yes! I knew i had felt a presence near me. It was the weird feeling of being watched that mostly scared me." She seemed suprised but yet some how so intreged that her savior would be as big as an ox."
    "In the tunnel they were feeding." The large man informed her.
    "I knew that sice they had an entire gang against the wall. I was scared but i was also curious."
    "Do you know the saying, (Curiosity killed the cat,)? He inquired.
    "Not a time to joke. Who are you anyway." Jenn asked with a smart tone.
    "You need not ask questions of me." The man shotback.
    "Well at leased give me your name."
    "In the past I have gone by many names." He told her, "The one i like best...Rider." We can't stay he said.
    He then seathed his sword and they walked away from the incident. Jenn only knew that this was going to be a very interesting begging