• Around the time Naruto Uzumaki discovered he was the cage for the Nine Tailed Fox, an undiscovered village was invaded by the newly bloomed Hidden Sound Village. This village had a rather long name, and has been thriving since before the start of the Leaf village Hokages. This village is called The Village Hidden Behind the Dragon, or the shorter version: The Hidden Dragon Village. The people in this village were all shinobi. They are a very small village for thriving more than a thousand years. All of they're traditions are the same, but the people have changed quite a bit.
    The Hidden Dragon Village is the starting point of the Inuzuka Clan. As you may already know, the Inuzuka clan members all have physical traits of a dog. Well, The Hidden Dragon is responsible for all of that. After all the Tailed and Elemental demons originated from this village, all of them bestowed a blessing on the people who dwelled there a gift. The gift was made so that all the people of this village would take on the physical characteristics of any animal, including animals only heard of and seen in pictures and stories.
    The first Inuzuka family members grew sick of the same village and abandoned it, then they found a shinobi village that they thought had more action for them to take on. The Hidden Leaf became they're new home right as the first Hokage created it.

    But all of that is only information about the village, now you need to know the in depth stuff.

    Since the day the demons bestowed they're gift among they're favored people, The demons also put a physical manifestation of themselves into select children. Naruto Uzumaki was an accident, but the Demon is still alive within the blond boy. There is also another child who bears the curse of the Nine Tailed Fox. This child is named Ami Rin. She has a larger chakra storage than most of the other children in her village, and her parents are still alive. Minato, both Naruto's father and Ami's. Strangly enough, Minato, or Yondame as some call him, survived the seal he placed on his newborn son. Even though the Leaf Shinobi found his body and believed him to be dead, it wasn't all true. A traveling Hidden Dragon ninja with the animal characteristics of a cheetah found him, and brought him back to full health.
    In exchange, Minato wanted to see this village the man came from. One of the traditions or codes that the Hidden Dragon shinobi follow, is that when they help someone out, if they ask for something in exchange, they must obey it. So, knowing the code, the cheetah brought Minato to The Hidden Dragon Village. That's where Minato met Kahna, a woman with a power called 'The Gift.'
    The Gift, is the rare trait of being one of the demons. Kahna was the mother of Kyuubi till her soul was transferred to a human body after she died. And with the birds and the bees, Ami Rin was born. After Ami was born, both Minato and Kahna dissapeared.
    When Ami learned that she was a demon feared by all other villages it was too much. The power inside of her exploded and changed her form to a much smaller version of the original Kyuubi. She began to attack other villagers and completely annihilated them. After much effort, the Ryukage of the village sealed her consciousness so she wouldn't wake till the time she was needed.