• Renaiku: So Zack what now.

    Zack: I don't know want to go to zen gardens

    Renaiku: Ok but i heard there were some killer dolls in there.

    Zack: Yea don't worry you and me can take care of them.

    Renaiku:Ok if u think its a great idea.

    They left to zen gardens and ha a quest to find a little girl Doll

    Renaiku: So all we have to do is find that little Japanese girl's doll.

    Zack: She is Japanese?

    Renaiku: I don't know and i don't care but i know we get a lot of orbs for this. I need to train my rings.

    Zack: Uhhh i don't know the doll is strong its not like the other kieoshi dolls. Its color is yellow and it is hard to kill.

    Renaiku:pft. i will take care of it in a breeze.

    Zack: That is what you said last time to the omgwtf. Then we got ditch and dazed.

    Renaiku ignored Zack and went on to the doll and zack follow him.

    Renaiku: There it is. Hotfoot ring

    Zack: You only took 1 damage. HAhaAHAHAHAHAH. xd This is how you do it mantis ring.

    Renaiku: you only took 5 xd

    They were dazed and return to the null chamber

    Renaiku: Wtf we always wined up getting dazed.

    Zack: I still had fun.

    Renaiku: screw having fun i want to fight something and win.

    THE END.