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    A bus full of girls was riding along a dark road in the middle of winter. They were from an all girl's private school located around the edge of Winchester. All of them were laughing heartily and goofing off. They were returning back from a trip to London.

    One girl, who was sitting toward the back and staring out the window, smiled as her two best friends turned around from their seat in front of her. Their eyes watching her every move intently. "Hey, Veronica?" One of them waved their hand impatiently in front of her face.

    "What is it, Kailey?" Veronica replied gripping the other girl’s wrist tightly. Her cold eyes were intensified by her black rimmed glasses. Her silver hair shimmered in the moonlight. The gentle curls ended just past her shoulders.

    The other girl who was next to Kailey, continued to stare at Veronica, "Why are you always so quiet?" she questioned.

    Veronica looked up at her other friend, "I suppose I'm just not as social as the others, I'm sorry if that bothers you Becca..." she mumbled and continued to stare out the window. Her pale blue eyes reflected images of the barren, snow-covered fields as they passed them. Her fair skin glowed in the moonlight.

    "I never said it bothered me. I'm just trying to make a point.... you could at least talk to us ya know!" Becca complained. Kailey would have said something else, but she had already been distracted by something the other girls were saying.

    "You mean to tell me you didn't see that?"

    "See what?"

    "That man.... the one who was standing outside of that old cabin we just passed. He looked kinda creepy..."

    "You're seeing things, Beth..."

    "No! Honest! I saw him.... He was watching our bus as we passed by, and I think he saw me looking at him ‘cause I could have sworn I saw him smile."

    'A man?' Veronica thought to herself as she listened to what all of the other girls were saying.

    "It's creepy isn't it...." she heard Becca whisper softly. She must have started to get a little freaked out. The Becca that Veronica knew and loved as if they were sisters, was never this solemn. Sure she had her moments, but rarely ever like this. She would snap right out of it on a usual occasion. "The thought that a man was waiting....." she shifted and her dark purple hair shifted over her light purple eyes. "Watching us..."

    Kailey turned around to look at her. A look of fear and shock on her face, "You don't believe them do you?"

    "I'm not sure, but just think about it.... It isn't exactly impossible....." Becca said, turning back into her usual quick-tempered self. Veronica smiled softly at the look on Kailey's face. Her bright green eyes contrasted with that of her jet black hair. Her average tone skin seemed so much darker in the shadows that formed as the bus ran past the trees.

    All three of them were the top students there. No one bothered them about anything, unless it was to ask for help, and usually people went to either Kailey or Becca for such tasks. Veronica never really liked talking to people. She never did. It's not that she doesn't like them, she just never really understood the purpose of friendship. She didn't understand why people wanted so many friends. Becca and Kailey were enough for her to live, but sometimes she wondered.

    The rest of the bus ride was filled with the deafening silence. No one said anything, for fear of it getting more awkward. They finally reached back home in peace. Well, if you wanted to call it that. Home. None of these girls truly understood the meaning of the word. They were orphans. All they had was each other, and for now, that was perfectly fine with them. All of the twelve year old girls headed off into their dorms. Becca and Kailey shared a room that was next door to Veronica's. She had offered to share it with someone, if need be, but no one took the offer. She was one of those kind of people that you see in school. You know, the ones you try to avoid at all times. She was perfectly fine with that.

    It was late, nearly midnight. Veronica was all set to go to sleep, but she heard a faint knocking coming from the door that connected the two rooms. She got up and opened it only to see Kailey with Becca standing behind her only facing the opposite way. Her light violet eyes stared at their bedroom door intently. "What's wrong?" Veronica's scratchy-from-not-sleeping-so-much voice sounded quietly.

    "W-We heard heavy f-foot steps outside our door...." Kailey whispered stuttering slightly. Becca gave a slight nod in agreement. Veronica glanced between the two of them. She was confused, but her expressionless features never showed it.

    "And?" she asked.

    "They continued down the hall a little, and then, they stopped around Beth's and Kara's door..." Becca whispered. Her anger seeping in. She hated Kara, and the feeling was definitely mutual, seeing as how every class debate turned out to be a glaring contest between the two.

    "Then we heard a creaking sound.... and a loud thud a few minutes later...." Kailey continued. Veronica stared at them both and moved aside, letting them come in. They quickly went in and shut the door behind them locking it, then running over to the bedroom door and locking that as well.

    All three sat in a malformed circle on the bed. Their backs against the headboard of the queen size bed. All of them remained silent and just listened. The silence was excruciating. All of them were so focused on listening to whatever noises there were outside of the room, when the door knob started jiggling, all of them jumped and frantically searched for a place to hide. Veronica walked as calmly as she could over to her closet. Both of the other girls followed her. She moved a few shoe boxes out of the way and there was a hole in the wall, just big enough for the girls to fit through one at a time. Becca went in first and then Kailey. Veronica was halfway in with her head still inside her closet. She moved the shoe boxes back in front of the hole a pulled it them up against the wall as she slid back. They all sat in the dark of the small hide away room that Veronica used to get away from the other girls.

    "So this is where you go..." Kailey said in amazement as she looked around and cringed at the thought of staying in there for too long. She could barely see anything and it was driving her nuts. Becca rubbed her back to keep her calm as she looked at Veronica for an answer. All she received was a faint nod, but that was good enough. Kailey smiled softly signaling that she was okay. Becca sat there with her legs criss-crossed and Kailey some how managed to find enough room to stretched one leg out with the other pulled to her chest. Veronica sat with both legs pulled tightly to her chest and they all continued to sit in silence.

    A few moments later Kailey's stomach growled and Veronica looked at her, and motioned for her to look in the box that she was leaning against. Kailey did so and pulled out a strawberry sucker. She opened it and popped it into her mouth. Not exactly filling, but it would hold her off for a while. She offered Becca one and she took a watermelon, Veronica chose the green apple.

    "Hmmm... I'm almost out of suckers..... Note to self: get more...." she said to herself and the other two girls just smiled at her.

    "You never change, Veronica...." they both said in unison. Veronica flashed a quick smile. Her smiles are rarely ever seen, and even when they are, they're most likely faked. This one, however, seemed genuine. They all smiled at each other.

    None of them remember exactly when they had fallen asleep, but they awoke to the sound of fumbling in the closet. All three of them looked at each other and then at the dim light that peeked around the boxes and shone into the small cavern.

    "Hey, Sir, I think I found something!" they heard a man's voice. Then the shoe boxes moved away and they saw his face. The man had a police officer's badge and a warm smile. "Sir, we have a few survivors!" he called out again.

    'Survivors?' Veronica thought and looked at the other two. Apparently, they had been thinking the same thing.

    "You girls can come out now, It's safe...." the man said and held out his hand to help them. Kailey hesitated, but she was the first one they pulled out. Next was Becca. Then, finally, Veronica. The other police officers paused and looked at the three of them. They all stared at Veronica’s pale skin, light hair, and bright eyes.

    "So, she's an albino?" she heard one of them say and cringed at the word. That's what all of the other girls had called her.

    "Don't call her that....." Becca growled at her friend’s defense. The men turned their attention to the other two girls.

    Later that morning the girls found out that all of the other girls were murdered. All of the teachers as well. The only adult left was the man who ran the building. Mr. Sullivan. On their way out of the building they couldn't help but to glance into the other rooms as they passed. Blood was smeared on the walls and splattered along the beds and floor. They hadn't caught the man who had done this, yet. The girls were forced to go into hiding and they had to change their names. Veronica was renamed Nina Hathoway. Kailey was renamed Saphire Lullin. Becca was renamed Rayn Lin. All of them were confused as to why these changes were being made, but decided against asking questions. Mr. Kenny Sullivan was renamed Ronald Dalton.

    The girls never spoke of the things they had seen that day. They were afraid to. They were moved to America where they would live out the remainder of their lives. Five years later, however, Mr. Dalton died of age related problems. All three girls were now seventeen and could legally take care of themselves which they did. They all finished high school at the top of the class. They could never succeed each other, they didn't see the need to fight over who was better as long as they could all keep the same Grade Point Average, which, mind you, were all perfect scores. They all received full scholarships to Harvard. They took the chance they could and went to the campus located in New York. They found steady jobs and paid for a small three bedroom apartment.

    Rayn worked at GameStop, and soon enough was addicted to the wonderful art of gaming. That helped mellow her out a little. Saphire began to work at an old antique shop. The old man who ran the place helped change her into a quick tempered girl. Her rash decisions usually got her into trouble. Nina found her calling working in a small bakery a few blocks away from their apartment.

    They all lived pretty decent lives, but that all changed soon enough when Saphire suggested something that made all of them hesitate in response.

    "Why don't we... you know...... go back to Winchester..... Just to visit.... only for a little while and we can come back in about a week or so...."