• "Well, you see, I had no way of getting any kind of contact. I've been living in a shack for the past four years, so i couldn't get a phone call. We had no mail box to recieve letters in and I didn't have a computer to get e-mail, so even if you did try, it wouldn't have worked."

    "That's BS, and you know. The computer could be used in the public library and there are still payphones around, so you really do have no excuse whatsoever to say that you couldn't at least tell us you're alive. We thought that maybe you had died or something." I scoffed.

    Fury washed over her face when I said that."Fine, if you must know, I didn't want contact with anybody from my old life. I'd been losing weight and stuff, gaining popularity at my old school and I thought to myself, hmmm, maybe this can be a fresh start for me. Is that so terrible?" She stormed.

    "Yes. It is. You just dropped us like a hot potato, with not a word as to your decision. " I said and did something I had told myself I would do when I next saw my unfaithful friend. I hauled back and punched her in the face. I know that I shouldn't have done so, but I couldn't help it."Ian will love to see you now." I gave an evil laugh as I turned and left the room. Sean followed me.

    I turned to him and asked him, " What did you want me to know?"

    "I think I'll just show you." He said, and grabbed me and kissed me. It was a coaxing kiss and a searching one too. He wanted my answer. I kissed him back fiercely. Yes, I silently shouted.