• Chapter One: The Introduction

    'It was the 1700's the beginning of slavery times in the United states of America. Her name was Samantha Jones, she was one of the most beautiful women her people said. With her Carmel Skin and her Long Red and Brown hair that touched the bottom of her back. She always wore a dress, rather it was clean, dirty, or raggedy. Her hazel fire eyes where the key to get any man she wanted. Even the White men loved her beautiful eyes. She had the most beautiful singing voice in the world. She loved to tell storied to the children. There was a white man who was always around Samantha. The Owners eldest son William Forrester. Samantha was Williams Chamber maid. Samantha called him willy, William called her Sammy. William and Samantha Both Told Stories together it made the children laugh and play. One Day Samantha was walking with William on a large log to cross a little river behind the Forrester's plantation. Just that quick the log snapped while Samantha was in the Middle of the Log. William ran Over to her side and helped her up out of the water.'

    " Thanks Willy." Samantha Said smiled as William sat her down and looked at her.

    " Are you alright Sammy?" William asked smiling back. Samantha nodded as it started to rain, Samantha got up and picked up some more fire wood for the fire place when William stopped her and looked deep into her eyes. He slowly touched her face. Samantha turned away from him.

    " What is it Sammy?" He asked still looking at her. Samantha sighed as she looked back at him.

    " Why do you call me Sammy?" Samantha asked looking around.

    " Why do you call me Willy?" William said being a smart a** like always. Samantha smiled some.

    " Thats not the point. I was told you call you Willy by your parents when you were little boy." Samantha said smiling.

    " I call you Sammy to let everyone know your mine." William said grabbing her arm and pulling her close as he kissed her deeply. Samantha was shocked, she pushed William away.

    " Willy what if your Father sees? Do you know How many times I'll get whipped?" Samantha said looking around.

    " Sammy I don't care I'm not gonna anyone hurt you, you know your mine." William said kissing her again. Samantha wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him back.

    " Willy let's go" Samantha said as William nodded as he kissed her one last time. Just as Samantha and William broke apart that last kiss, Henry Forrester came looking for Samantha and saw them kissing he was pissed off Completely. He wanted to go slap Samantha but he decided to wait. William walked Samantha inside and help her with the logs and walked her back outside to her little hut. That was the last time William ever Saw Samantha. The next Morning William walked to Samantha's hut with some multicolored roses. Her dropped the roses when he say the kids crying and screaming. He moved everyone out the way and say that Samantha's door to her hut was left wide opened. William went in and saw blood all over the place. But William couldn't find Samantha's body anywhere. Then Henry Came over and looked at the hut and touched Williams Shoulder and sighed. He Then looked at everyone.

    " EVERYONE GET BACK TO WORK!" Henry Yelled as he left the hut and went inside the house. William got on the ground and cried his eyes and heart out.

    " Willy Willy Willy" Salem, one of the little slave girls said looking at William with tears in her eyes. William looked at Salem.

    " Who did this Salem?" William asked as he moved close to her.

    "I don't know sir" Salem said crying and running off. William got up and Walked into Samantha's hut and started to Clean it up for about 3 days it took him to clean it up with out breaking down every ten minutes. William stayed there for a month with no food and no water. Finally William took a rope and hung him self over Samantha's bed with a note and his hand that read. ' I'll Love her in Death as much as I loved her in Life.' All the Slaves knew it was Henry who killed her. But no one could ever Prove it. So after all his slaves had died off in 1717 Henry killed him self with grief.

    That was over 300 years ago. To this day many people still think they can hear Samantha calling her William late at night. The rest of The people can hear William calling Samantha. Some people have even heard children laughing and singing.' Caroline said reading a pamphlet.

    " Oh come on Caroline grow up you don't believe that crap do you?" Faith Jones asked as she concentrated on the road.

    " Faith come on your Last name is Jones her last name was Jones. You could be related. Caroline said looking at her.

    Faith rolled her eyes as she looked at everyone in the 8 wheeler. It was Faith Jones, Caroline West, Anton west, Rose Dawson, Angel John, Malichi Mims, Chris Brown, Maryanne James, Terry Perkins, and Alexander Mims. They were all moving into this mansion.

    " Caroline stop scaring Faith." Anton said. " Oh shut up we all know how you feel about Faith.... well all of us but Faith." Caroline said laughing. Faith looked at Caroline then Anton. Anton was busy witting in his book. Faith stopped the car and got out the car. Everyone got out after Faith.

    " This is it?" Faith asked looking at Caroline. Faith gave Angel his car keys.

    "Thanks" Angel said as he looked at Caroline the love of his life.

    Faith ran into the House and picked out the biggest room and smiled. " I found my room." She said as she put up her sign on her door. Anton chose the room next to hers.

    " Got mine." he said as she looked at him. Faith ran back out to the car and grabbed her duffel bag and brought it to her room.

    Chapter Two: Max Forester

    Just then a Man walked into Faith's Room. Faith grabbed her baseball bat and hit him over the head with it. The man fell down hard. " Owwww"

    " Who are you and what are you doing in my room?" Faith said. The man didn't answer. Faith kicked him in his chest. " Answer me." Caroline walked in her room.

    " Faith What the hell you Doing? This is Max Forester he's related to William. He gave us this house. Mr. Forester are you alright?" Caroline said helping him up.

    " I'm fine, Faith is it? you got a nice kick." Max said. Faith looked at him like death. "This was Samantha's old hut it's just been mushed together with the house." Max said looking at Faith.

    " Max this is Faith Jones the 300 great granddaughter of Samantha Jones" Caroline said as she looked at Faith.

    "Well it truly is an honer Ms. Jones." Max said shaking her hand. All Faith could do was smile.

    " Can I have my Room back Please?" Faith asked looking at everyone.

    " Oh yes Come Caroline I'll show you my grand fathers room." Max said walking out the room. Caroline followed and everyone else did but Anton.

    Chapter 3: Someone From the Past

    " Are You ok ?" Anton asked her as he looked at her.

    " Yea I'm fine and you?" Faith said back to him.

    " I'm ok." he said.

    "Well I'm a take a shower ok?" Faith said as Anton left and she shut her door and went into the shower. After she was in for a while she heard someone humming. Faith got out the shower and looked around.

    " Hello? Anton? Rose?" She said as she dried her hair. She walked into her room and saw this bring gray man in her room.

    " I told you to stay away From him." The man roared as hit Faith across the room. Faith hit the wall hard a picture came off and the glass shattered all over the floor. Rose and Maryann Came in Faith's room.

    " What happened?" Rose asked

    " Some man grabbed me and threw me across the room." Faith said as she slowly got up.

    " Did you know him?" Maryann asked.

    "No." Faith answered. Anton looked at Faith's back.

    " Oh my God your bleeding." Anton said as they got something to stop the blood.