• He gave me a grin. I knew what he wanted. NOthing more Nothing less. I shoved my hand into my sweatshirt pocket and pulled out a 5$ bill. "here" i groand. Tyler could NEVER remember to bring in lunch money, so i was the one providing it. "ai," he was still there.i turned, glaring. "what" i asked miserably. "there's some dude up in the office looking for you" he replied, then walked off to his locker. A dude? what PERSON would want me? I sighed and just ignored it, Tyler probably wanted me to walk up there just to probably see Toya and his new girlfriend.

    I walked slowly to homeroom, ignoring the looks and stares that came my way. I walked into homeroom only to get a note. "your needed in the office" Mr. Moon read from the note, handing it to me, his eyes never leaving the desk. "right" i sighed. I picked the note from him, and walked out. This was weird, no, i'm being to much of a hypocondreact......i let out a deep sigh, my eyes skimming the hallways filled with middle and high school students. I was mostly just looking for Toya. I never found him.

    The guy in the office had grey hair, probably meaning he was OLD and oddly colored eyes. His right eye was crimson red,. like BLOOD red, and the othere was a pale pale blue. He was wearing the most piculiar outfit. It was a Grey t-shirt with Blue messed up jeans, and to jet black leather straps hanging down the side of his jeans. I gave him a weird look, but all i got was a hug. I pushed off immediantly. "uh....who are you?" i questioned giving him my 'touch me again and see what happens buddy' look. I didn't want him invading my personal bubble, seeing as though, i had one. I looked around. No one was staring at us, or even MOVING. Like, time had stopped. "YOU DON'T REMEMBER DADDY!?" the man yelled in a soft, but loud, lovey voice. "daddy? uh, my dad died like 11 years ago!" i responded putting my hand on my hip. All the meanwhile, my stomach must've had a circus, because it was flipping! "wha--OH you mean HIM!" the man replied, making sure for me to hear the words 'OH and HIM'. I nodded and slumped into one of the office's cushy chairs. "listen old man, i ain't got time for games, so if you could ju-" He GLARED at me....GLARED."WHAT?" i asked in an argued tone. "OLD?" he replied. I shrugged and stared bak with my beady lil' country eyes.

    "listen, i need to know what's going on, because, it looks to me, as if no one is moving.....an INCH" i said laying my books down on the shelf siting next to me. "OH! i stopped time!" he said cheerfully. "I can't believe Karin hasn't spoken about me" he whined. He sounded like a 4 year -old. Karin? Karin my MOTHER? "you mean to tell me you KNOW my mom?" i stood strait up and glared. Keep the eyes on the prey. Because i was the predator. "yeah, we were married, now come on!" he said picking up my books and walking out the door. I walked infront of him. "wait! i can't just leave!" i protested. "oh, sure you can" he said.
    "weeeell 'dad' you forgot to un-freeze the office" i said pointing to the office door.
    "oh! yeah thanks" he said snapping. in just seconds the office was hustling and bustling again. wow. And then, we were off.