• Buzzing. Buzzing, buzzing, buzzing, buzzing. Hates being surrounded by people with nothing of consequence to say. Plenty of well-meaning people with no meaning. Counts the archetypes. He sits and breathes and buzzes and counts.
    Just like any other well-meaning person sans meaning.
    Even as he scrawls this sentence hastily into his notebook, it seems uninteresting and tired.
    Ponders. Concerned more with his professor's poor grammar than her thoughts. Smells tobacco on the kid next to him. Hears coughing in every direction. Feels the chalk hit the board, over and over again. Thinks, considers, compares, analyzes, wonders, sees, smells, feels, hears, contends,
    Too many thoughts. Simply exist, all that can be done.
    Thinks blank white paper, to the grain. A white sheet blanketing everything. Thinks white paper and blinks.
    Chirps and buzzes to get his time on the clock.
    Reads, listens, ponders. Why? No. Has other things to worry about. Worries. White. Breathes. Looks up, buzzes. Buzzing, buzzing, buzzing, buzzing. Feels unchallenged, unchanged, uninspired. Talks to hear his own voice. Talks to only hear his own voice. Buzzes.
    Feels cold. Feels ambivalent. Chews his nails until he follows the others out. Out doors, out of doors, outdoors. Loves bright suna nd warm air. Loud music in his ear, hard pavement under his feet moving, hot blood pumping. Alive again, swimming in verbs. Not nouns, not adjectives. Not buzzing. Doing. Being.
    Is. Not was. Not will. Not could be.