• Once upon a time, there lived this girl named Red. She was 14 years old. with no parents nor siblings. Everybody hated her in school. She lived all by herself , in a dumped, old, creepy house. She got food by stealing. One day when she was on her way to school, she was pulled to alley and beaten down. When she revived then she got up and walked home slowly. She started to clean her wounds and went back to school. When she arrived there, everybody looked her with a glare.
    She luckily got to school for the first lesson. There was a new guy in class named Alex. Alex had to sit next to Red. Red, as always, had her hair on her face. This time she was lucky , cause she was blushing. When the school day was over, Red walked home. Red was looking down on zebra and her hair was still on her face so she couldn't see much. But then a car almost ran her over, but Alex saved her. When red opened her eyes, she saw the sky. She was laying down and looked that Alex's head was on her stomach, eyes were closed. Red waked Alex up, stood up and started walking home.
    But Alex was afraid that something would happen to her so he stalked Red to her home. when Red was really close to her house, Alex stood up from the bushes and asked if he can come inside. Red said to Alex without looking at him, that he can, cause the door was broken down anyway. Red and Alex walked to the second floor. Red stepped into her room, where was only a bed and a chair.
    Alex placed his bag on the chair and sat next to Red, on the bed. Alex asked Red lot of questions and Red answered shortly. They talked like that until it was evening. Alex left from Red's home. On the next day Alex came to Red's house in the morning. He walked slowly and silently to her room, peeked in and saw that Red was still sleeping, face all red. Alex came closer and sat on Red's bed. He placed his hand on Red's forehead- it was warm.
    Red opened her eyes and was suprised. She pulled the blanket over her head and turned back to Alex. Alex went downstairs to get a bowl, water and a towel. When he came back up, Red was already dressing up. But Alex stopped her and placed her in bed again- faced to the ceiling. Alex made the towel wet and placed on Red's forehead. Red smiled and closed her eyes.
    Red fell asleep, so did Alex right next to her by accident. When Alex woke up she saw that Red had pushed herself strongly against him. He knew, that Red was cold and wrapped his arm around her and fell asleep again. They both woke up when it was 6pm cause Alex's cell rang. Red noticed the caller's name - "sweetheart". While Alex was talking on the phone, Red turned back to him and started crying silently. When Alex hang up he noticed that she was crying.
    Alex stood up and crawled to the other side of the bed to see Red's face.
    He wiped her tears away and she sniffed. He smiled to her and placed his arm against her forehead. It was still hot. Then Alex tuck Red in and went outside, to get some food. When Alex got back Red opened her eyes [ her blanket covered her face over her nose] and smiled. Alex smiled as well and made a table out of wooden planks. He placed the food on the table, dragged the chair next to Red's bed. She was sitting on the edge of her bed, wrapped inside her blanket. He fed her the food what he bought. Red ate it with enjoyment.
    When the food was eaten , Red asked Alex if he could stay the night with her. Alex preffered Red to come to his place. Red accepted that. So they went to Alex's place. When they arrived to Alex's apartment it was silent. Alex wrapped Red into many blankets and carried her to his bedroom and went to the kitchen to make some tea. Red was sitting in Alex's bed and was looking around. It was pretty plain room.
    Alex arrived to his room, where Red was, with tea and cookies and smiled. He placed the cookies on the table what was next to the bed. He also placed his cup of tea there. Alex placed other cup by Red's lips. Red drank a little and her eyes went wide. That was her first time drinking tea.When cookies eaten and tea drank, they both got a bit tired and decided to go to sleep.Alex crawled next to red and wrapped his arm around her to keep her warm.
    The next morning, Red woke up early, before Alex. Stood silently up and went to the kitchen- to make some breakfast for Alex. When she was done, she carried it to the bedroom and waked him up.He woked up and sat on the bed. Red placed the food on his lap. Alex was suprised and he smiled happily.While he was eating she, at the same moment, sat next to him on the chair what was next to the bed.
    When Alex was done eating he gave a kiss on Red's cheek. She took the dishes back to the kitchen and started washing them. While Red was Washing the dishes, Alex snuk behind her and wrapped his arms around Red's waist from behind and leaned his head on her shoulder. Red blushed, but smiled at the same moment. Alex kissed her neck and massaged her waist. When Red was done with the dishes, Alex turned her around and placed on the cupboard.
    Red wrapped her legs around Alex's wast and Alex snaked his fingers under her shirt, while kissing her deeply. Red placed her hands around Alex's neck and kissed back. Then somebody knocked on the door and Red jumped off the cupboard. Alex went by the door and saw that his friends have came to his place. Red sneaked into the bedroom from the kitchen and closed the door. She heard when Alex and others went pass the bedroom door into the living room.
    Red went to sit into a corner armchair and started to read a book. Passed seconds, passed minutes, passed hours.Alex's friends were still there but Red was done reading the book and placed it on the floor. She stood up and went to sit on the windowsill. She heard when somebody knocked on the door and stepped in. It was Alex. He reached his hand towards Red. She stood up and went to Alex to take his hand. Alex dragged her to the living room and introduced her to the boys. He introduced her as his friend. Red got sad about that and looked away. Then she unwrapped Alex's arm from her neck and went to the kitchen on her own, to make some popcorn.
    Alex came by the kitchen door and looked at Red. When the popcorn was ready Red handed the bowl to Alex. He went to the living room with it. She went by the kitchen table what was under a window and sat down. Red made herself some tea and drank it while looking out of the window. Then she heard that Alex's friends were leaving. Alex came to the kitchen, took Red into his arms and carried to the bedroom. He placed her on the bed and layied next to her. Alex looked at her with a smile, then he pulled her on top of himself.Alex started to kiss her and kissing lead into having sex.
    The next morning Alex woke Red up with a kiss on her cheek. They both woke up and got dressed. Red made some breakfast and they ate it together. About in two hours, they heard a knock on the door again. This time Alex told Red to open the door, though he was right behind her. By the door, there was standing one of their classmates.
    The classmates name was Sarah. Red got upset and ran out of the door. She ran downstairs - outside- to her house. She ran into her room, jumped on the bed and started crying. She swore to herself that she wont talk to Alex again. She heard Alex's voice, calling her name in the house. Red jumped out of the window, on the lower roof and then climbed on the big roof. She sat next to the chimney, to see when Alex will leave. Passed half an hour.
    When she saw Alex in front of her house, she hid behind the chimney and peeked him. But then Alex saw her and ran into the house again. Red, in the other hand ran by the edge of the roof, to jump by her room window. She climbed in and ran to her door to close the door. But Alex got there first. Red backed away and sat in a corner crying.
    Alex came in front of her, grabbed her hands and pulled her up. Red was crying badly and started yelling at Alex and beating him with fist. But Alex kept holding her close until Red calmed down, he raised her chin and kissed her gently. He broke it and wiped her tears away. Then he snaked his tongue into her mouth and kissed deeply. She kissed back.
    When they broke the kiss, Alex saw Sarah by the door, crying. She ran away and Alex right after her. Red went into her bed and fell asleep. In the morning, Alex wasn't there. Red heard that her stomach was gurgling and decided to look for food. She straighted her clothes and hair and went to the town. She walked into crowd to steal some peoples cash and wallets. She got lucky and hit the jackpot. When she had stolen the purse. She ran far away and peeked in. There were credit cards, lot of money. Red was happy and went to a market, to buy herself some clothes and food.
    When she was done, she went home. When she got inside her room, Alex was sitting on her bed. Red dropped the bags and started backing away. Alex heard the bags drop and stood up. Cause they were on the second floor, then red was almost over the stairs edge. Alex ran to her to grab her, but Red made that one more step and fell down of the stairs.
    Alex ran down and fell on his knees next to her. He raised Red's head , gave a kiss on her lips and whispered that he's sorry. Then he raised her on his arms and carried to the hospital. He searched for a doctor and Red was taken away from him. Passed hours until the doctor came to Alex. He went to see her. She had broken her leg and arm. Alex was just looking at her, tears in his eyes. Then he hugged her tightly , saying sorry all the time. Red opened her eyes lightly and looked at him.She raised her other hand and wiped Alex's tears away. Passed weeks, until Red got out of the hospital. Alex placed her on wheelchair and they went to Red's house. The clothes and food bags were still where Red left it. Alex took the clothes out and placed them into other bag. But the food had gotten old and they threw it out.
    After, when they got her clothes, Alex dragged Red to his house. When they got there, Alex rode Red into the kitchen and he started making tea. When tea was ready, he placed it on the table and rid Red closer to the table. He helped her to drink it. Then Red heard that somebody entered the apartment. She couldn't look back, but a girls voice said hi to Alex. He went to the kitchen door to say hi to the stranger.
    Red heard the muah voice [kissing voice] and she got sad. She drove with the wheelchair by the kitchen's door to see who came. It was Sarah. Sarah and Alex were making out. Red backed away to the window and stayied there until it was night. For Red's suprise, Alex didn't pay attention to her. Passed years and Red got rid of her casts , but something happened that she had to stay in the hospital for a long long time.
    Alex didn't visit her really often. At August 29th morning, Red died in the hospital. And Alex ran away with Sarah happily.......