• How could Dimitri accuse me of such absurdness?If I dont remember sleeping with anyone but him then I didnt know what to tell him. I shook my head in disaproval,denying this fact that I could remember.

    "What are you talking about?Me and Gaspard are merely..friends. Whatever Gaspard is telling you is an awful lie because I never remembered us doing anything." I said feeling the fire in my eyes rising to a burn.How resentful I feel for getting drunk that night. How I damned myself for not remebering such an important detail.He looked up and stared at me with his eyes cooling down as he looked upon my bodily figure,so short and petite.Right then I knew what he wanted but I wasnt going to give in easily.

    "He was my friend and you betrayed me as well as he has.You cant remember I understand.He had said you were nearly consious when he took advantage of you."He said,really dictionating his rich accent.

    Ugh what a jackass.Is he expecting me to bow down to such so called chivalry?Im a women and he should respect me,and not treat me as if I were a middle aged women.