• "My name? I have none. I have been called a sinner and a saint.
    I have done evil deeds, before I have done good ones. My soul has been ripped apart by my past.....and my future. My name? I have none. But, you may call me Medias..." I told them as I sat in the cold, bland room. There was one "window" used by the C.I.A. to watch my conversation with the other agents. The ones sitting the room with me looked at me with confusion."So, Medias...." one of the agents finally said, breaking the awkward silence of the last comment made."Why did you try and blow up C.I.A. Headquarters?" I gave a small smirk as I leaned over the table that sat in front of me, putting my elbows down on it."What is your name, Agent?" I asked bluntly. He rose an eyebrow and then replied after a few seconds."Phillips..." he said. I nodded my head to him and then leaned back in my chair."Alright, Agent Phillips. I will tell you why..." I paused for moment, looking back and forth at the Agents."It all started when I was born in 53 B.C. ....."

    "Is it a boy?" a man in Roman Senator robes asked, looking at his wife and his newborn baby."Yes, it is." the doctor replied with a smile."You should be very proud, Senator Vicas." The Senator leaned over his wife and grabbed the small baby, an odd smirk on his face."I am indeed...." he then turned and looked at the nearby Legionnaire who was guarding the room. These men were the Senators private army, given to him by the Emperor of Rome himself."Kill them both...." The Legionnaire nodded and unsheathed his sword."What are you doing?!?!? Thi-" the doctor was cut off short by the sword going through his neck. The wife, distraught by what was going on."Vicas!!! Why?!?" these words were her last as the same sword the killed the doctor slayed her as well. Vicas chuckled a bit as he walked out of the small room."Burn the bodies, I want no one to know of this incident...." he then looked down at his newborn son and smiled."You will live forever, my son. And with you, so shall the Roman Empire......"