• Alena sat at the top of the Backstar building, waiting for his signla to shoot his target. He was a contract killer set to kill a man the government can't touch. The man had taken to much power and had been refusing to abide by the laws of the country, killing and raping women, mudering men, and leaving the children to rot in the streets. It was pathetic and she despised those kind of people. Thinking they were the all high and mighty, claiming to be more power than God himself. Alena didn't believe in any type of God or anything, but she still made references to the "God."
    A slight beep told her someone had sent her a messege on her phone. Pulling out her Chocolate LG she check her messeges to see it was time. Her partner had cleared a path for her on the first couple of floors, but the rest of the floors were up to her. Taking the safety off her glock she jumped from the rooftop of the seventy sotry building and landing on the cemet crouched like a predator ready to strike and kill. She ran into the building and didn't waste time taking the elevator, but taking to the stairs, skipping every step. She reached the fifth floor of the Kingston building, kicked the door open and began her search for the man. He was always wandering the building, never staying in the same place.
    Four gaurds appeared as she turned the corner. She pulled her glock out infront of her she shot them directly between the eyes. Five mroe gaurds came from one of the doors and aimed their guns at her. They didn't have a choice to shoot her. Alena jumped into the air and kicked the first in the face, the heel of her leather boots going through the helemts and into one of the gaurds eye. A scream of pain left the gbuards mouth as she pulled the heel from the head, and did a roundhouse kick, slamming her foot into his stomach and knocking him into two of the other gaurds. Alena shot the last two and continued on her journey in looking for the man, searching and encountering more and more gaurds, killing them all as they came. She used her hands only on the really big gaurds, needing to break their necks and make sure they couldn't annoy her anymore.
    Her phone rang as she ran up to the next floor. She pulled it out of her leather trenchcoat. The caller ID read 'Johnny Boi,' her weapon source. She slid the phone open and answered the phone with the question "What?"
    "Alena check the watch I gave you three weeks ago. I finally finsihed installing everything." Johnny Boi said excitingly. As Alen placed her glock in her gunbelt she held her wrist out in front of her and looked at the Rolex watch that was on her right arm. "Turn the watch like a dail." She did and saw as options hoavered above her wrist. There were lists in the hollogram. "There is one list that has internet acces. All you need to do is turn the dial until you get to the first list and then press down on the dail. It will bring you to the internet and a hollograhic keyboard will show up so you can type. When something shows up you just touch it and it opens." As Johnny Boi told her the instructions she dailed through everything, looking through phone books and adresses. There was a music soucre with all her favorite music.
    "Now press down on the dail again and it will bring you to the lists again. GO tot he second list and press down on the dail. That will show you an array of weapons that I made and desinged for you. When you find one you want just touch the picture and it will appear in the air for you. As for the thrid list that is all the latest updates on everything along with you mail and requests for you."
    "Anything else you would like to share my boy?" Alena asked him.
    "Nope, but if I add anything else to the watch I'll tell you." With that Johnny Boi hung up on her. Alena placed the phone back in her trenchcoat and pulled her glock back out of the gun belt. She went back to her mission, finding nothing on the sixth floor but gaurds. That left her with so many more floors to search. Luckily she found that he was in the conference room discussing business with a client. She circled around the room and looked over every man and women in the room. The two men behind her target where alpha wolves. As for the women behind her targets client, they were vampires and didn't seem to like each other. They cringed when they passed each other and glared at everyone as if they were out to kill them. The room they were in had black glass that was meant to be a one way mirror and sound proofed.
    Alena shot the vampire chicks and their boss and aimed for the wolves. They had their guns out and aimed towards her. Bulets were fired and broke the glass she was at. The wolves could see her through the glass. She ducked behind a wall and peeked out through the corner only to be shot at. The wolves were closing in on her and probably going to kill her. Alena wasn't about to get killed. Bringing her watch into view she turned the dail to the second list and pressed down, scrolling down the list of weapons until she found her AK-47. Her glock disappeared and in place was her gun, fully loaded and all. She moved form the corner and shot at one of the wolves, hitting him in the shoulder, causing the wolf to sutmble backwarda into the wall. The other wolf was out of sight and no where ot be found. She would have thought he ran away but her mind quickly chnaged as she was tackled from behind and slammed into the ground.
    "Kill the b****! She tried to kill me!"Her target screamed. The wolf shifted ontop of her her, and pulled her arms behind her. She grunted whern a knee pressed into the small of her back. "What are you doing! She was trying to kill us and you are just tieing her up! Are you fu-"
    "Shut the hell up already! At least I saved you cowardiss a**!" The wolf shot at him. "Go help Jasper!" he demanded. While the man did the wolf on top of her got off and pulled her to her feet. Alena shaked her silky black hair out of her face so she could see clearer. "Why the hell did you attack us?" The wolf asked pulling her closer to his body, his mouth inches away from her ear. His breath was warm against her ice cold skin.
    "Why did you attack us?" He asked again pulling her closer and twisting ehr arms behind her back. She grimaced as the pain began to travel up her arm and into her shoulders. Alena kept her mouth shut as he tightened his grip even more.

    Rapheal was starting to get pissed at the female he was holding right now. She refused to speak to him at all and only spat in Jaspers face when he came near her. Luckily for her he was there to keep Jasper from hitting her across the face. He kept her locked in his hold as he told Jasper to search her for anymore weapons, not wanting her to escape when he completely ties her up. She had her phone in her pocket of her long coat and then three daggers hidden in her boots. He even told Jasper to pat her breats in case of any breasts daggers. Some females had them and it came in great use when drunk men thought ot take advantage of them. The woman did have one. She hissed when Jasper stuck his hand down her shirt to pule the dagger from the bra she was wearing. Beside all that all that was left was some watch that seemed pretty harmless.
    Later one they check out the dead bodies and called in to pull some strings to hide the muder. Once that was done he checked out Jasper's wounds. They were already gone. Bullets didn't really effect them unless they were pure silver and nothing else. Luckily the woman didn't have those kind of bullets. Thinking about the woman he turned his head to see her staring blankly at the wall with no emotion what so ever. It seemed like she could feel his stare, for when she lookedat him her look was so feral the pharsing 'Looks hat could kii,' could actually be true. He never knew that a women's anger could look so fierce and yet so sexy at the same time. The woman had long silky black hair that went down past her butt even in the braid it was., her bangs coming loose and in her face. As for the attire she was wearing, was moslty made of leather clothing. The leather trenchcoat was removed and that left her with the leather one piece jumpsuit that stuck to her skin, her knee high boot with spike heels matched her deadly attitude. The one thing he didn't notice yet was her eyes which were an akward lavender color. Humans didn't have the kind of eye color and he could tell they were contacts. Her pupils were clearly visible as the dialeted.
    "What are you?"he asked her. She just turned her head and began looking at the wall again the emotion draining from her face once again.
    "Just leave her, dude. Take a picutre and send it to Demitry to see if he can find anything." Jasper told him. That was a good idea. Walking towards the woman he pulled out his Blackberry storm he set p the camrea and crouched down to get a beter shot at her face. She looked at him and then the phone. She went to bow her head to cover her face with hair, but he grabbed her chin and held her head in place. Taking the pitcure her stood up and sent it to Demitry.
    His boss was sitting on the table his head in his hands, and the stenchof fear consuming the air. The man was a coward and he didn't see how he was the most powerful in the world. Rapheal shook his head in disgust as he looked away from the man and waited for his friend to call him back. A noise in the background caught his attention. turning around he followed the sound to a desk with the smell of fear surrounding it. "Get out from behind the desk." He demanded. Slowly a short boy emerged from uinderneth the desk. He was porbably one of the employee's sons that had snuck into the building to get something of his parent. "Go off to the side, now." The boy obliged walking slowly to the side. "Your name?"
    "Pa-Patrick."The boy replied. Rapheal shoved him towards the woman, and told him to sit. He sat on his knees next to her and staid quiet.
    "What are you doing here kid?"JAsper asked.
    "I was picking up a friend."He said.
    "In this building? Who is this friend of yours?"Jasper asked yet another question.
    "She..she is this woman here." The boys personality seemed to changed as he pulled out something from his coat. It looked more like a sawed off shotgun, but what came out of the gun wasn't no regular bullets but something that planted itself right into his shoulder and began to shock the hell out of him. The electric pulses where painful as they spread throughout his body, causing him to fall to his knees, all fours, and then black out.
    When he awoke Demitry was there pulling the thing out of his shoulder. He grunted as the blades were pulled from his shoulder. Demitry pulled him into a sitting postion and then clapped him on the other shoulder. "My man that must have hurt."He spoke. Nodding slowly he looed around the room to see Jasper leaning against the wall, and then his boss on the ground wiht a pool of blood surrounding his lifeless body. Snapping his head to the side he saw that the boy and the woman were missing. "That picture you sent me doesn't match any files I found. Nothing. It is like she was never born."
    "Great," he muttered as he stood slowly.

    Alena drove like the crazy b***h she was, cutting off people and passing red lights. She shifted gears when she needed to, first pressing the cltuch and then shifting like you were supose to. Johnny Boi was in the passenger seat playing with his watch and searching the wbe, checking mail on Myspace or GaiaOnline. Even though the kid was a genious he was only fifeteen and still without a permit. She paid for everything of his and was more like a mother to him than anyone else. His father was a contact killer from 1925 to 1994 when Johnny Boi was born. Now his father fixed cars and help construct some of her weapons. Like father like son. Johnny Boi's father is a vampire and so is Johnny Boi, both needing to stay out of the sunlight so Johnny Boi went to an online school and staid hiding in his room in the basment. His father slept the windowless attic, and all the other rooms where vacant, but one. That one was her room that she staid at when visiting them. When she was over there house she made food for them and took care of the guys.
    Turning onto a dirt road Alena drove on until she reached an old manor that belonged to Johnny Boi's father. She parked in his six car grarage and the closed the door, entering through the door to the side of the garage and itno the house. Johnny Boi trailed her into the kitchen and sat down. Even though they were vampires they still ate regular food, loving hers especially.
    "You know that was a pretty bold stunt for you to pull. I thought you didn't like leaving your bat cave." Alena spoke as she pulled out Sofrito form the refidgerator and then placed it on the counter. She took out the rice as he answered.
    "I tried to call you cell for the new updates on the wach but you didn't answer. You always answer your phone. I just used one of the satelites and tracked down your cellphone byt the GPS system in it." Johny Boi spoke as he sat down at the table and waited for his father ot jion them. Of course the man entered the room seconds later. Johny Boi's father, Pheonix was a handomse man who only looke around the age of thrity. He had long curly black hair that went down to his shoulder and then light blue eyes that looked like the sky but lighter. The mans skin was the color of ivory and it didn't just look cold but it freezing cold when you actually felt it. He smiled at Alena as he sat down at the table across from Johnny Boi.
    "That watch actually works?"Phenoix asked.
    "Yeah. Alena's works too. I am still adding things to them though. YOu want me to make you one?" Johnny Boi asked his father. He admired his father greatly and always wanted to impress his father.
    "Nah. You know I stopped what I do when you were born. I have my weapons in my room that I am use to. Thanks anyway Johnny." Pheonix spoke.
    After she made food she ate and left to her room. She need silver bullets for her next mission. To kill the wolves who were gaurding her target. Alena could only do that at her warehouse down in NEw Orleans. She was al the way up in Chicago too. There was a flight leaving to New Orleans tomorrow moring. She could get a ticket and take that fligh down there, make the bullets and come back up here to do some hunting. That would take to long though. She needed to kill the wolves before they were at full strength. Maybe she could get Johnny Boi to make her some and than she would repay him with more of her spanish food.
    the next day she had tooken a shower and chanegd her clothing into a pair of jeans with her fur boots and a black longsleeve and a vest to cover over it. Johnny Boi agreed to make the bullets and she was to go out and pay a visit to a man named Pacho. He had the slver he needed and was selling it for a cheap price. After picking up the silver she dropped it off at the house and went back out to go find some information about the wolves. She knew one was named Jasper. The wolf with brown hair and brown eyes. As for the other wolf he had black hair with silver eyes that scorched her when he looked at her back in the building. She needed to know his know his name and where he lived, his habbits and some other things.
    She spent most the day searching for information, finding some sources and some dead ends. So far she knew the wolf's name was Rapheal and he has been alive since 1732. Not only that but that his pack is low in number and they treasure the females.