• I felt immediately attracted to her as I watched her through the window, enjoying the company of everyone there. Laughing, she tossed her golden brown hair over her shoulder and turned away from her friends toward a blue Volkswagen beetle. I dashed out the door of the coffee shop and was next to her before her keys had even left her handbag.

    "Hello." I chimed, grinning.

    She swiftly swiveled to face me, shock gleaming in her wide, hazel eyes. She said nothing.

    "My name is Drew Kingery." I spit into the silence.

    "Um…" She stuttered, obviously abashed by my sudden infatuation in her. "Nice to meet you, Mr. Kingery. I am Elizabeth."

    "Oh, but I am the one who is pleased to meet you." I tenderly grasped her fingers and pressed my lips to the smooth back of her hand. I laughed quietly to myself as Elizabeth's cheeks flushed a deep rose color.

    "I, er …" Dear Elizabeth, she was always at a loss for words. "Thank you.

    "Would you care to walk with me for a spell?" I smiled, executing as much charm as I knew how. Elizabeth nodded, so we turned and started down the sidewalk.

    I kept up polite conversation, about the weather, and politics, and such, distracting her as I turned into a dark alley. The passageway was so narrow that as I stood with my back against one wall, so did Elizabeth against the other. I could feel her breath on my chest and nearly taste what she had eaten for lunch that day.

    My mouth crept into a sly smile as I heard her heartbeat accelerate and her breaths become shorter and more forced. I ran my hand through her hair, tucking it behind her ear, and whispered, "You are very beautiful, you know."

    Despite my efforts to woo her, Elizabeth resisted; I knew I had to act quickly. I held her still and lowered my face to her neck - - and bit.

    Elizabeth shrieked as my fangs sank into her skin, struggling to get free. Alas, it was of no use. She was trapped in my iron grip. What was once Elizabeth soon fell limp in my arms.

    Her blood was especially sweet on my tongue, well worth the struggle. After depriving her of every single drop of blood, I dropped her cold, pale body on the pavement. Quietly I wiped my lips clean and exited the alley, twirling the keys to Elizabeth's car on my finger as I walked.

    "Goodbye, Elizabeth. You really were beautiful."