• Chapter One-
    The deathly party

    “It’s the end of the world as we know it! It’s the end of the world as we know it! And I feel fine” My radio sang as I lay on my bed. I opened my eyes and the song sang the chorus again. I looked at my bordered up window, soft moonlight shining through. I looked back at my clock, and it flashed it was 2:32 a.m. Ah, I over-slept. I'm Milly S.V., a Spanish vampire who migrated to America. I spent a few years in Britain, so I have a bit of a accent.
    “It’s the end of the world as we know it! It’s the end of the world as we know it! And I feel fine! It’s the end-”I slammed the volume button all the way down, forgetting how to turn the old alarm clock’s alarm off. I sat up in my beat up old mattress, running a hand through my mix colored black and white hair. Today is the day of one of the mortals parties. I think I’ll go crash it, or make it better with my presence. I stood up at that, walking over to my clothes pile, kicking Santana bed on the way. Santra Counter, age of 16, rustled in her bed, holding a small teddy bear that was missing an eye.
    “What Veniece?” She mumbled, thinking I was him. Veniece Counter is her brother, and they are both Greek vampires I stumbled upon. I picked a shirt out of the pile, put it on, and then looked at my chest. I tore the shirt open a little more and leaned over Santra.
    “Wake-y Wake-y! Today we’re gonna party like its 1999!” I whispered in her ear. Santra opened her red eyes, blinking a few times, and then looked at me.
    “What are you talking about? It’s…..uh, Friday, yeah. I get to sleep in.”
    “I’m talking about me, you, and a few other twits going out and crashing a mortal party.” I laughed and jumped on her mattress, sending dust on the blanket to bounce up. “C’mon C’mon C’mon!”
    Santra finally kicked me down. “Fine! As long as you stop referring to the humans as mortals. That just leaves room for stereotyping” Santra sat in her bed, started stretching and reaching for a comb to brush her long gorgeous white hair that at the bottom was trimmed with red.
    I slipped a skirt on and ran down stairs to where the boys were sleeping. “Snooze you loose!” I yelled, jumping between each head. The boys sat right up in defensive position.
    “What’s going on?” Veniece, a tall 18 year old teen of 7 foot, long black hair that reached his shoulders said. “And also-does my hair look ok?” He ran a hand through it. He turned and smiled at me. “I’m ready to par-tay, are you ready to par-tay Milly?”
    I smiled. “Like it’s 1999!” I shook Geoffry, aka Ghost. “C’mon Ghost, it’s time to crash a party!!!” Geoffry was a 20 year old British vampire, best friend of Veniece the only difference between us and him is he was a daywalker. He could hunt with the night-lite on!
    He stood, green hair barely visible in the night light and mumbled, “I’m driving us back. I just know when we get done all of you twits are going to be worse then usual. You all are going to be drunken twits.” He walked away to get dressed.
    I left to go wake Lilly, the pampered vampiress of the group, who requested a basement to sleep in. Wise idea, actually. I hopped down the steps, swinging open the doors to find Lilly already awake, lighting candles in preparation for her daily make up routine.
    “Well you’re all nice and up already, aren’tcha?” I said.
    “Yes, and today I think I’ll dress a bit like you for the party” She said with a British accent of her own.
    “How so?”
    She turned and gave me a demented smile only she could get away with. “Like a slut”
    I ran and hugged her. “Oh thank you!”
    “Get out of here” She demanded, and I did. You don’t mess with Lilly; she can beat you to an inch of your life. I walked back into the large living room, seeing Ghost doing pull-ups on the stair case’s railing with no shirt on.
    He glanced in my direction, then concentrated again. “99! 100! 101!” He said as if he was doing that many. I walked over and tickled his arm.
    “Nice try” I said, and pulled at his waist. “Now go put a shirt on”
    He let go of the railing and flexed. “Nah, this” he indicated his manly chest, “is for the mortal girlies.”
    I grunted. “Well you’re not getting any tonight” I walked off.
    “That’s my plan! You weren’t going to anyway, so I got the mortals to have fun with!” He said, also with a British accent. That only made me a little madder.
    He came after me, wrapping his hands around my waist. “I like ‘em angry!” He said. I grunted. “And apparently also a bit like a gorilla! Ogh. Ogh.” He imitated my grunt.
    I gave in, turning around and laughing. “Old city bob! All night and day. All city bob bob. Old city bob bob bob!” I sang from our child hood. Ghost loved that song, and pressed his forehead on mine.
    “Are you ready to party?” He said.
    “That depends. Are you ready to party?”
    Ghost flexed again. “Oh yes, I’m ready to party!” He leaned in and kissed me. His big lips covered my small lips like a key.
    Santra came walking in and made a gagging sound. “Get a room” She told us.
    We broke our kiss, Ghost going back to his quiet self, and I marched through the room and sang songs from our day. “Take me to the city were the grass is green and the girls are pretty!” I yelled, kicking the boy’s blankets. “Oh won’t you please take me home yeah yeah?” I picked the blankets up, folding them and throwing them at the clothes pile that was so stomped on it looked like a rug of gothic clothing.
    “I hate the rainy suny weatha” Ghost quietly sang my song. “And I think sex has over-rated you!”
    I laughed, coming around and tackling him. “I get sick when I’m around, I can’t stand to be around. I hate every about you! Some say I got a bad attitude. But that don’t change how I feel about you. And if you think this might bring me down, look again ‘cuz I am wearing no frown!” I motioned an air guitar solo.
    Ghost held me. “We are nerds.” He said, almost silent so no one else could hear.
    “Yes, but at least we’re nerds together.” I said quietly back.
    Lilly walked into the main room, Veniece also coming in from the kitchen.
    Ghost immediately let go of me, turning to the others with a fist in the air. “Are you ready to smash a party?”
    “Yes!” We yelled back.
    “…Are any of you going to stay sober?!” He yelled, thrusting his fist back up.
    “NO!” We yelled, laughing.
    “Why am I not surprised by that reaction?” Ghost said, and we were off.


    At the Party

    Ghost pulled us into the driveway, in a black firebird that we all could barely fit in. I’m considering getting a moped. Only 3 in the morning and teenagers were drunk in the front yard having it with people they don’t even know. What a bore. Ghost pulled the car a safe distance away from the drunken twits looking for a dark place, and turned the engine off.
    “Ready?” He asked, studying the mortals.
    “As if you have to say ready set go!” I said, throwing the door open and making my way to the mansion.
    “Milly! Get back here, what if the police-” He started to say before one of the mansion’s windows blew. Geoffry immediately ran after me, grabbing me by the waist and pulling me back into the firebird. “We’re leaving!” He said.
    “No, wait, this party is getting good!” I said as screaming girls and jocks starting jumping out of the window. The tree near us rustled, and a couple came out grabbing the door handle to Ghost’s firebird.
    ‘This is your car, Randy?’ The girl said. I looked at them. Before the boy could say anything, I went over and said,
    “Yeah. It’s his car, and boy! He sure does have a lot of room in the front of the back of the seat. Trust me; I just got out of it.” I flicked the boy’s hair.
    He studied my face, then looked at Geoffry who was sitting in the drivers’ seat, and in the back seat were three more vampires sat staring at the two.
    “Its…Its…Its…”He stuttered.
    “It’s...It’s...It’s your momma!” I said, and the couple ran away screaming. I leaned on the car laughing. Geoffry stood up, looking at the mansion. Lilly, almost snobbishly, first got out of the car along with Santra and Veniece. I turned around, seeing Ghost’s serious face being played again.
    “We are going to leave” He said, motioning the rest back into the car. A black shadow leaped out of the blown window, but oddly it never hit the ground; only hovering over mortals and killing them off.
    “Hey what’s that?” I said, walking towards the black shadow. Ghost grabbed my shoulder.
    “We’re gone!” He pulled me into the car, shoving me into shotgun. “Get in the car!” He yelled at the others. They did so without hesitation.
    When Geoffry slammed his door and turn the engine on, I turned to him. “Why are we leaving? This might turn into a wicked battle.”
    He hung his head low, putting the car into drive. “Because. I don’t want you hurt again.” He said in a low voice. With that, Geoffry slammed on the gas and drove us away from the deathly party.

    We returned to the party the next night. Police had started to go home for the night, some starting to ask suspicious neighbors. The mansion was covered in Warning tape, the roof was blown off and some more of the windows had gone, too. Ghost parked the firebird a few blocks away.
    “Ok, here’s the plan. The police have started heading away, and we will go inspect things. Most of the bodies were probably moved, so…to bad, so sad if you get a blood craving”
    We got out of the car at that, and the wind was blowing strong. Ghost handed me his jacket, and yelled over the wind, “Split. Santra, go with your brother. Lilly, would you like to join us?” He said because she still sat in the firebird.
    “I’ll stay here and guard the car.” She said calmly as if it was an important job. But Lilly must see to much destruction in the house, I don’t blame her for wanting to stay back.
    I wrapped the jacket more around myself, and Geoffry held my hand. We vamporicaly jumped the few blocks to the mansion. The wind was fierce, throwing my hair in front of my face, and almost blew Ghost and myself off course mid-jump. On our last jump, the wind blew so hard on us; I flew right into a tree.
    Ghost rushed over, helping me back up. “Think you’ll be ok?” He said, his light green eyes studying me.
    “Yeah, I’ll be fine. But I think I’ll beat the wind up when we’re done…” I said.
    Geoffry laughed, and we walked into the mansion. I spotted Santra and Veniece jumping in via missing roof.

    When we came in the wind stopped, and it was a deadly quiet. Geoffry looked around, he was wrong. Dead corpses were strewn everywhere, and a horde of them were located in a corner. My grip on Ghost’s hand tightened. It’s not very honorable to drink from a dead person; it proves you’re to weak to kill them yourself. But my vamporic cells are going crazy with the human blood stench! I kicked my leg and Geoffry looked at me.
    “Milly…do you think you can handle this much human blood?”
    “…one…bottle…please…”I caved to my vampire wants. Geoffry opened his back pocket, pulling out a vial and handing it to me. I took it with greed and rushed to a dead body of a girl. I pressed on her wounds, making blood trapped in the body to come out and into the vial. When I licked my fingers, I noticed something. Her shoulder was bit and her wrists were slit. Something a vampire would do….I ignored it and went back to Ghost.
    “Another burned out town” Veniece called from somewhere.
    I whispered to Ghost, “So do think drunken humans can make enough explosives and fires to burn the whole place and,” I looked up, “blow the roof off?”
    He shook his head. “Look at the corpses. Something else did this.”
    “Someone dear Geoffry” An evil voice said, coming out of the shadows. Tall, eight foot, bald, piercing yellow eyes, was Mantra. He trotted out, stepping on a dead jock. “The party kind of…died didn’t it?” He chuckled.
    Ghost stayed still. “Did you do this?” He asked.
    Mantra pouted. “Now why would you think I did something as evil and cruel as destroying a human party? And it was totally awesome killing them all.” He smirked.
    “Why’d you do it?!” I yelled, pulling knifes out of my pant’s pocket.
    “Why wouldn’t I do it?” He said, his smiling getting bigger and bigger by the minute. “Those humans don’t know what there doing with their precious blood! Wasting it away, but watching them beat each other senseless was fun. Who knew what a simple explosive spell could do to a few drunken idiots.”
    “What do you mean?” Ghost asked.
    “It means, it scares them enough to join me. I have breakfast, lunch and dinner until new years!” And with a click of his fingers, a group of twenty or so girls or boys came walking out. I looked at their faces. They were extremely pale, and one of their wrists was slit. Mantra must’ve promised them a longer life, only giving them brain damage, enough for them to see him as their god or some symbol for them to follow his every command.
    “Now, I do have other business to attend to. I must be off, tah-tah” Mantra waved his fingers at us, and jumped out of the house. I was about to jump after him, when one of the brain washed teenagers came running at me. I slashed at them, trying to knock them down. I grabbed one girl’s wrist, which was a bad move because as soon as I did so, she bit into my arm.
    I screamed, chopping her hand right off, sending her back into reality. She started screaming in pain, ‘Where’s my hand?! My hand!’, her right hand twitched on the floor as blood oozed out of it. I turned my attention to Ghost, who was fighting like it was going out of style and he had to bring it back.
    “Ghost!” I yelled as mindless teens toppled over him. “Santra, Veniece! Get down here!” I yelled as I tore teens’ clothing at an attempt to save Ghost. Santra and her brother popped their heads out, then realized what all the screaming was about. They where down an fighting in only a few seconds.
    “Where’s Ghost?” Veniece yelled, punching a skater boy in the face.
    “Why do you think I’m tearing at this pile of twits? He’s under it! Help!” I yelled.
    Veniece started stabbing the pile of ravaging teens, most of them snapping back into reality like the girl before. But some held strong to the brainwash, and attacking back with force. A girl in a miniskirt punched Veniece and pulled on his girlie hair, hissing at him in a zombie language that must’ve meant: ‘get back; this is my kill you fool!’.
    Veniece stood back. “My mum told me not to hit girls. Especially girls in miniskirts!”
    “Punch the crap out of her, Veniece!” Ghost yelled from the bottom of the dog pile.
    Veniece hesitated at first, wined back, and then punch her with a bit of force. She was sent to a window, which busted through and she toppled into a bush. Veniece watched for a moment as the girl stood back up, tears running down her face. She must’ve returned to her senses.
    I stabbed a skin bare back, which let out a terrible scream that sounded like Ghost’s. The face of the boy whipped around, and it was Ghost’s. He glared at me.
    “Milly! What the heck was that for?” He yelled over moaning teens waking up.
    “I didn’t know it was you” I shrugged.
    “Yeah, and there’s a million other boys with green hair!”

    to be contiued.....