• The moon shone brightly in the night sky as the stars played peek-a-boo with the clouds that roamed around in the night’s cold air. It was the kind of night where you think it might rain because of the moisture that swam around your face and because of the dark clouds that made the impossibly dark sky even darker. The kind of night that was good for short relaxing periods, but if you stayed out there for too long you would catch a cold.

    Tonight was the perfect night to go out for a hunt. To hunt the lives that would enable another to keep his life. It wasn’t a life to be proud of, but it was a life that he was afraid to give up. It was his second life already and this really was the last one he was going to be getting.

    “Oh stop it; you know I don’t like it when you tease me.” A woman squealed in pleasure as her boyfriend kissed her everywhere but her lips. This earned a gag of disgust from Mac who was standing a few feet in front of them. His gold eyes rolled as he pulled his jacket tighter around his body.

    Mac was an eighteen year old musician that had been very successful when he was alive. Well, he was alive now, but his extremely pale skin, his inch long k-9s, and his dislike of daylight gave him another name then human. To most people he was a vampire and he really didn’t care because he could play the part, but he found it annoying when some child looked up at him in horror. If his long black silk hair and scars on his neck didn’t scream freak, then his piercing golden gaze surely did. How many people do you know that have yellow eyes, almost like a cat?

    “Jared, is that guy staring at us?” The girl’s voice was too high pitched and Mac was tempted to jump them, just to get her to shut her large mouth. Although he knew better then to do anything that would risk exposing what he was. He would have to be sneaky about getting his next meal.

    A smile spread of Mac’s face as he walked over to the couple. His white teeth shone brightly as he let his pink lips curl. His fangs didn’t really show all that much because his lower lip stayed in place. His long trench coat flew back as a gust of wind came rushing past him. As his shirt, this was a dark blood red color, played peek-a-boo with the trench coat that he wore his black pants tightened on his muscular legs.

    “I need to ask you something. Don’t worry I won’t hurt you.” Mac said in a playful voice, making sure that his hands were in plain sight. He knew that he had to keep them so people could see so they wouldn’t think he would pull out a gun. Although it wasn’t like he would need a gun to take these two anyway.

    This was going to be his hunt, but how he was going to seperate them right now he wasn't sure. Then again that may be for another time. He may have to find someone else to kill. As Mac thought about the kill he grimaced, Seeing the two huddle together, probably knowing something was going to happen to them was a sight that went straight to his black heart. He wanted to kill. He needed to kill, but now wasn't the time.

    With a sigh of annoyance he let his hands slide into his deep pockets and he smiled, almost like an angel at the two that would be able to live at least one day longer. His eyes dropped to the ground and as he passed them he muttered something under his breath that neither of them heard, but that was probably for the best. After all it was mostly for himself.

    He said, "Live." A simple word with so much meaning that he would not have had time to say anything besides that one word.