• Haruka sits in her room books filling her room. She has her cell to her ear and is talking quietly to Kisa. Haruka puts it on speaker when she gets a text from the council and smiles. "I have a job tonight Kisa. This one's really big."
    "Yea who is it?" Kisa said curiously. Her name was Kisa for a reason. Which translated into Kitty. Her curiosity and Attitude gave that away. She smiled and sat down in her bedroom brushing her long red pigtails out.
    "It's Kain Freewall. I'm hunting a pureblood again tonight."She seemed happy and Haruka put the phone on her dresser taking her dress shirt off and tossing it to the clothing pile in the corner of the room. She takes her skirt off and litsens to Kisa rant on about being carefull. She interrupts Kisa. "I'm always carefull Kisa-chan." Kisa agreed and Haruka took her bra off and pulled on a skin tight black shirt replacing the need of the bra entirley. She puts a black rose choker on that has seven black roses along the metal. She pulls on skin tight black jeans and puts on black boots to match the outfit. She opens her window grabbing her cell saying bye to her sister and jumps out after mumbling a spell allowing her to land saftley and softly as she runs across the field.
    Isabella watches her and cusses flitting back to her brother to warn him. She runs into the large victorian old styled mansion shouting. "An assasin is coming brother!"
    Kain looks at her with an eyebrow raised. He flits down the spiral stair case and appers beside her. "And who might this assasin be to get you so worked up dear Isabella?"
    Isabella scowles and makes an atempt to bite him. He moves out of the way and she flips her hair over to one side. "Black rose. Commishoined by the council to kill our coven. She's coming now."
    Kain looks at her and sighs. "This girl is just a human. Although she uses magic does she not?" Isabella nodded. "I Bet she's excellant at it to have taken down Kurai. I will deal with her." Isabella nods and flits out of the house and a safe distance away.
    Haruka makes her way there having used her appearence spell already. She walks into the mansion her black hair now short and boyish. Her eyes no longer blue but silver. She has hidden her weapons of choice. Kain stands at the top f the staircase waiting for her. Haruka looks at him and looks around for traps. "I take it your Kain. Your very forward. Not one trap and your the only one here."
    Kain smirks. "I don't need anyone to take down a child. Your centries to young to fight me girl." Haruka shrugs and flicks her wrist sending a poison laced needle at him. That particular poison was made by her exspecially for attacking Vampires. He moved to the side quite surprised by the speed of the attack. Haruka looks at him with a smile. "It looks as though I underestimated you child." He appears behind her holding her neck tightly choking her. Haruka goes to mumble a spell and he covers her mouth and smirks. "Can't use magic if you can't say the encantation." Haruka grinned and dug her nails into her palm. A large white tiger appears behind him and bites his shoulder. He drops her and she darts so she's standing behind the tiger.
    "White tiger Shunrei. I don't need to say anything to cast a spell. I've mastered high leveled magic." The tiger let go of him and she pat it's head. Isabella appers inside next to Kain and mumbles her own spell binding Haruka's spells. Haruka smiles and looks at her. "Another spell caster. Now I'm limited to hand to hand." The tiger fades as her magic ebes away. She takes the black case from her back and sets it down opening it. She takes a long black bladed sword from it. The hilt is pure white. A long Katana. Before she has time to do anything The sword is out of her hand and she's in a confinment spell. Hauka sighs and the rest of her magic fades including her appearence magic. Kain looks at the long haired blue eyed girl. Haruka looks innocent more then anything else. He grabs her necklace and rips it from her neck.
    "Who is this girl really Isabella?"
    Isabella grins. "She's wonderfull. She can sing and write and her reading skills are like mine. Her name is Haruka Kaseki. She got a job as an assasin when she turned twelve as Black rose. So technicly it wasn't her family who fought. But her alias. So her familiy hasn't broken their word of being a nuetral bystander." Isabella smiled and took some of Haruka's hair in her hand and smells it. "Lillies are her favorite." Haruka looked at her like what the heck.
    "How long have you been watching me?" Kain hits Haruka hard and she yelps.
    "You have no right to talk Human. If I talk to you you will answer." Haruka growls at him and he tries hitting her again and she opens her mouth and bites him. He shouts in anger and annoyance. Isabellla laughs quietly. "i'll kill you human."
    Haruka lets go and looks at him. She moves hair from her face taking a ribbon tieing it back. "Then my sister would come after you. She'd be so pissed she wouldn't care." Haruka had a bored face and Kain grabs her by the neck and lifts her off the ground and out of the confinment spell throwing her to the floor. Appearing above her he swings a leg over and sits at her waist holding her down by the neck. Haruka coughs looking shocked.
    He whispers in her ear malice lined every word deeply. "Your weak without your magic. So now you'll be mine." Haruka looks at him not quite understanding. he pushes down on her neck harder and she coughs again gasping for air. "Your my pet child." A seal appears on her arm blood comes from the seal and flows to the floor. Haruka feels a burning in her arm and yells out in pain. He licks some of the blood tearing the Shirt from her arm. "Like I said mine. And this seal is proof of that." He pushed down on her neck again and stood up. Haruka moved over onto her side coughing regaining air in her lungs. She looks at him fear in her eyes.
    "I hope you burn in the deepest pits of hell yo-" He kicks her and she flies towards the wall. Isabella catches her and she glares at her brother.
    "She's only a human. Something like that could kill her. Try that again and i'll hurt you." Haruka is out cold and Isabella brushes hair from her face picking her up. "Where do you want her?"
    Kain looks at Haruka and takes pity on her. He takes her from Isabella and carries her himself towards a guest room upstairs. He places her on a large bed and begins taking off the shirt. He sighs unable to get it over her head so he tears it. he notices she doesn't have anything under it and Isabella comes in with a nightgown. He takes her jeans off and slips the nightgown over her head and cleans and bandeges her arm. Isabella ties her hair into a braid and ties her wrist to the bedpost.
    Haruka wakes up two days later confused and then feels a stinging pain in her left arm. She winces looking around. The room is large and dark blue walls and green floors. The bed is large and the covers are black and the pillow a saten red. She lifts her head and looks at the rope around her wrist. She pulls trying to move. She hears a chuckle in the room and the light turns on. Kaizo Satoshi's older brother walks over and sits on the edge of the bed. Satoshi is also there standing in the corner of the room with a glum epression. "Haruka. I had no idea you were black rose." Satoshi mutters angrily. Haruka looks at him.
    "Why are you at Kain's manor?.....You work for him." Satoshi nods and Kaizo runs his fingertips over Haruka's face and neck. Haruka looks at Kaizo and kicks him. Satoshi appears on her a knife to her neck. He growls at her.
    "Haruka I can't let you do that!" Haruka looks at him with wide eyes and tears run down her cheeks. She never knew Satoshi to be aggresive or mean. This meant their freindship was over. He got up off her and calmed down walking back over to the corner of the room. Kaizo cracked his neck and walked out. Kain comes in a half hour later with foor for Haruka. She looks at Kain with a look of hate in her ice blue eyes. Kain takes her chin and cups it in his hand. He kisses her forehead and places the food on a table beside the bed. Haruka looks away as he tries giving her some soup. "She won't take food from a vampire. She works or the council. She's an enemy please treat her as such. " Haruka looks at Satoshi and kicks off her boot which never was take off. It hits him upside the head and he yells at her. "What was that for!?!?!?!?!?!?!"
    Haruka looks at him completly serious. If i'm an enemy. Your my enemy as well. I'll treat you as such." Satoshi looks at Kain who looks at Haruka and bites her neck deeply. Haruka whimpers in pain and tears fall from her eyes. Kain releases her neck before causing to much damege and she passes out. She won'tbe able to move for a couple days because of the bite. Satoshi leaves the room taking her boots with him. Isabella watches in anger and looks at Satosi as he leaves the room. She smacks him.
    "She feels betrayed. She's a assasin yes. But you were her friend for how long? And what you made my brother do to her was horriable!!!"
    Satoshi looks at her cruely. "It's not my fault your ability is to feel the pain of others. Too bad it was a pain as bad as that." Isabella hits him again and he leaves. Isabella goes in after Kain leaves. She moves Hair from Haruka's face and takes a cloth wiping blood from her neck. She takes the back of her hand and wipes sweat form her forhead leaving the room soon after. Haruka wakes up an hour later and feels a sharp pain in her neck and can't move. Isabella comes in and is surprised she's already awake. She sits on the bd besideher.
    "You need to eat Haruka." Haruka nods slowley and Isabella warms the soup putting some of th soup in her mouth. Haruka swallows. After she's done Isabella helps her sit on and rebraids her hair