• Jengin Book One: Jengin
    Tristan looked up at the sky, as a puff of green smoke slowly appeared on the night sky. It was time. He put on his hood and walked out of the town, slowly and surely. He walked into a forest, and in a few seconds, he reached a cave. But there was someone inside. He walked in to see Jeremy, the guardian of Horneall. Jeremy turned around to see his fellow guard at the doorway, stunned. “And what brings you here Tristan?” said Jeremy, slowly raising his hands, ready to do a spell. “Jeremy! You do not know of what you will bring to the world!” yelled Tristan as Jeremy continued the spell. “No Tristan, I will bring peace to this bloody war. Do you know what happened to my family when the war started?” said Jeremy. “It brought bloodshed upon my family. Slowly one by one my family was killed off, only leaving me to restore my family’s name.” He placed down his hands, ready to finish off the spell. “But Jeremy, you can’t just kill innocent lives just to win a war!” Tristan screamed. “THAT IS WHERE YOU ARE WRONG!” yelled Jeremy. He had finished the spell. Soon a hole in the center of the chamber, where they had been, erupted with smokes and fire. A figure appeared in the smoke. “Jeremy! You cannot do this! It is suicide!” said Tristan as Jeremy began to do another spell. “Does it look like I care, Tristan? This war brought me to murder and if that’s what I must do to win the war, then I will.” The figure in the smoke had opened its two mouths. Slowly, the figure moved out of the smoke. After a few seconds, remembered the face the figure had. It was Draconis. Then Tristan had remembered when he was a young Jengin and he was playing out in the meadows. Then he turned around and saw the truth. The whole town burned to the ground. Draconis fully stepped out of the smoke and looked upon Jeremy. “What do you need of me, mortal!” boomed Draconis. Jeremy slowly bowed and said, “I am here to bring you news of the war.” He replied. Draconis laughed and flied out of the cavern, not caring of what he had to say. Tristan stared at Jeremy with his usual “told ya so” look. Jeremy just stared at the entrance, dumbfounded. Jeremy slowly lied down on the floor and told Tristan, “If anyone asks, Draconis ate me.”

    Chapter 1: Tristan
    Tristan is the guardian of Feer (pronounced as fear because of all the darkness that surrounds the city). Though he is glad to be a guardian, he is not sure why the Darklings have not already tried to attack. On his free time, Tristan likes to explore Feer and find what’s in store. If he was lucky, he might find one or more artifacts that belonged to the ancient site. But on one day, he had found something that had changed the way he lived. What he saw was not an artifact, but a part of history. It was an ancient Jengin skull. He looked in an ancient book (which he found) and figured out who it belonged to. It was Draconis. But Tristan was confused. Hadn’t he seen the Jengin a few moments ago? Tristan thought that Draconis was still alive. Though something troubled Tristan. Shouldn’t Jeremy have the two tattoos to summon Draconis?

    Chapter 2: Jeremy
    Jeremy walked into the bar and ordered a drink at the doorway. By the time he sat down, he got his drink and his friends suddenly crowded around him. “Well look here, fellas, who do we have here?” said Minecos. “Go away Minecos.” Jeremy said as he took a sip from the cup. “Awww, look who’s so grown up, already drinking beer.” Teased Minecos. “Eh, I don’t care if I drink, okay? As long as I have my body in one piece, I’m okay.” Said Jeremy as he finished the cup. He let out a burp and asked for a refill. Minecos was getting upset. Usually Jeremy would be so sad that he would just take the cup and leave, but it’s different. He knew something was wrong with him. “What’s wrong dude?” said Minecos. “Nothing” answered Jeremy. No one talked after that. After Jeremy drank his way into having a super bad headache, he packed up his stuff and headed home. Minecos was sure he was up to something, so he packed up his stuff too and told them that he was gonna see what Jeremy was up to.

    Chapter 3: Draconis
    Draconis clawed the door. When it was feeble enough, he broke through. That’s when he realized that a window was open. His claws were already starting to hurt. Though Draconis had a mission, he wasn’t sure he could do it with hurting claws. He looked around the broken castle, and then he realized where he was. He was standing in Feer’s longest lasting castle. He looked around, sticking his hands in front of him so he doesn’t bump into something in the darkness. He suddenly heard something got cut. He looked above himself and suddenly realized that he was going to get crushed by a cart full of tek. In a few seconds, he was buried in the powder. Then he suddenly remembered what tek does if it touches Jengin skin. He tried carefully not to spill any tek on him, fearing it would burn through his skin. He soon had the cart off of him. Draconis felt proud. Then that’s when he realized the horrible truth. Half of his tail was all but skeleton bones. Then he heard another snap. Draconis walked off. But the tek started to follow him. Draconis tried all he could to dodge, but it ended with pitch-blackness. The tek had hit the back of Draconis’s head.

    Chapter 4: Richard
    Richard slowly got off the sand in Egypt. When he was up he stretched his arms wide. Richard soon walked off to Feer to see what Tristan was up to. On the way there, Richard slowly noticed something. It was nothing. Then he suddenly realized that he was being followed. He hurried his pace. When he was at Feer, he noticed that Tristan wasn’t there. He was probably on his annual hike around Feer Richard thought to himself. He started to look around the creepy place. Then, off in the distance, he heard a noise. It was soft at first, then it became louder. He ran towards the noise and saw what was there. It was Draconis’s skull. He had never seen a Jengin skull without running off and vomiting. But he didn’t. Instead he looked at the skull curiously. It was already golden brown. Richard soon realized what had killed him. He was outraged. Almost no Jengin would ever be so low as to be using tek. He suddenly realized who killed Draconis.

    Chapter 5: Alfonzo
    The bunny looked around. Jengin cops surrounded him. He needed an escape route, and fast. He looked up. He found his exit. One cop sprang at him, and he jumped. He bounced off of him and bounced on the heads of the other cops around him. He kept on jumping on their heads and soon enough, he jumped high on one of the heads and tried to land on a rooftop. He grabbed the edge and in only a few seconds, some tiles fell off the roof and he fell with them. He fell on one of the cops below him. The other cops surrounded him once again. This time, he had no time for an escape route. He was trapped around cops. The cops didn’t know what to do next. They waited for Alfonzo to make his next move. This was probably their first day on the job he thought. He stood up and told them, “alright, you got me, come and handcuff me.” The cops were confused. One of the cops stepped forward and said, “okay, but don’t move.” Alfonzo put a hand in his pocket. “I said don’t move, what’s that in your pocket!”
    “Well you told me not to move, your just gonna have to come and get it.” He was trying to buy time. The cop put down the handcuffs and muttered to himself. It was time. He put his hand out of his pocket and sprang in the air. He was gone from the cops’ sight. One of the other cops stepped forward and slapped the cop in the back of the head. “What were you thinking!”
    Chapter 6: The war plan
    Jeremy and Tristan met up in Feer. Richard was also there. Even though Tristan and Richard were from the light side and Jeremy on the dark, they still hanged out and had fun. But they never shared secrets about the war and plans about each side. But today they planned to tell each other everything, from war plans to weaponry. They met up in an ancient library. “So Jeremy, what’s going on in the dark side?” asked Richard.
    “Nothing too new, except for some things. They are adding new troops to attack the East Side of this city.”
    “The East Side of Feer!” yelled Richard and Tristan.
    “Yes, they figured since Feer was abandoned and nobody except us knew about it, they figured that it would make a good military base. Plus, it’s near the light side.” Jeremy said, “so what’s new in the light side?”
    “Well there are new troops aiming for the weaker parts of the dark side’s cities and military bases.” Said Tristan. But they knew which side was going to reach its breaking point soon. There was an ominous feeling in the air. Finally Tristan asked, “When do they strike Feer?” Jeremy didn’t respond for a few seconds. Soon, he said, “I don’t know, a guard found me sneaking in on the war plans. Though Alfonzo got more information than I did. Though the last I saw him, some cops were chasing him. But I know him, he’ll find a way out of that.” No one talked for a few minutes. Richard asked, “Well what should we do?”
    Jeremy replied, “ We can’t, unless there is an ancient military base with some weapons and armor then we can’t protect this area.” They all looked at each other. “I will search the east area, Jeremy will check north, and Richard will search west. We’ll meet back here if we can’t find it. If we can’t, then we’ll all search south, but one of us has to stay in the east area to see if any Jengin are going to invade. But they will be unarmed, so we won’t have much problem taking them down.” The ominous feeling was getting stronger. No one talked, and went straight to their areas.
    Jeremy looked through a pile of rubble, thinking he would find a weapon or armor. He found a tunic-plate and a small dagger. He put on the armor and put the dagger in a pocket. He looked around him, and saw something that caught his eye.
    Tristan was looking through houses and huts. He found a weapon store. Well, at least it used to be a weapon shop. He found ancient weapons on the walls. He grabbed them and put them in his pack. He also found an armor shop next to the weapon shop. He went inside and got armor for the others. He put on some armor. He walked out and went back to the meeting place.
    Richard looked around the castle. This is where he found Draconis’s skull a few days ago. He found a broken cart with tek on the floor. He walked around it and continued. He walked up a set of stairs. Richard was a Egyptian pyramid and he wasn’t sure ancient stairs would hold a 1,000 pound piece of rock. But oddly enough, he went up without the stairs creaking. The people of Feer sure knew what to make stuff out of, he thought. He didn’t find a military base, though. He went out of the castle and went towards the meeting place.
    Jeremy saw it, the military base. He had to tell the others. But he heard something. He looked around and saw what had scared him since he was young, an assassin Jengin. He was standing straight with a crossbow to Jeremy’s head. The arrow was extremely sharp, and you can see a bit of poison on the tip. “I could shoot now, but then I won’t get paid,” said the assassin. “What do you want?” asked Jeremy. “I want to know stuff. Take everything out of your pack, but slowly, or else I’ll shoot.” He nudged the arrow into Jeremy’s forehead. He knew this guy meant business. He slowly took off his pack and dropped it on the dirt. He had to also take off his armor, because the assassin saw the small dagger hidden in the armor. When he was done, the assassin said, “Good. Now for one more thing, I want you to…”

    To be continued